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Guitar Playing Course - Intensive

Take part in the intensive Guitar Playing Course offered by ELEMENTAL in the dynamic capital of Ecuador, Quito. Participants will learn the typical grooves of different genres. A simple system will help participants capture various rhythms, and to play melodically and harmonically. They will also learn strumming-picking patterns for song accompaniment. In individual lessons, this ELEMENTAL c...


Study Abroad in Ecuador

Yanapuma Foundation has been a third-party provider for study abroad programs for United States and international universities and colleges in Quito and Cuenca since 2007. The foundation offers optional Spanish classes at all levels that can be combined with volunteering at one of several community and grassroots projects in either Quito or Cuenca. Students can volunteer or intern at health cen...


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Sustainable Rural Development in Ecuador

Work at a grassroots, biodynamic farm in a rural Ecuadorian community in this highly enriching program. Throughout your four-week stay, you will develop expertise in sustainable agricultural practice and rural development by taking part in a long-term project. This allows you to help grow economy in the area, nurture its local community, and protect biodiversity. Participate in field-based s...