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Improve your Spanish while gaining insight into the realities of life in the developing world of the Dominican Republic. In Santiago, you’ll immerse yourself in the local culture, both on and off campus, through a combination of intensive coursework, homestays, volunteer opportunities, and a variety of cultural activities and excursions. In class, you’ll study the language, politics, regional l...


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InteRDom Internships in the Dominican Republic

InteRDom is the premier expert in comprehensive and immersive internships, research, and study abroad in the Dominican Republic. The InteRDom "Build Your Program" feature allows undergraduate, graduate, and gap-year students to customize their semester, summer or year-long program and delve into the Dominican Republic's language, traditions, landscapes and customs. InteRDom works closely wit...


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WHAT DOES THE PROJECT DO? The Dominican Republic faces many challenges when it comes to primary and preventative healthcare and dentistry for its people. It is common for medical conditions to remain untreated and to progress to an advanced pathological stage uncommon in wealthier countries. This observation and experience program allows you to assist and shadow dentists, whilst sharing and ...


University at Albany, SUNY

Study abroad in Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) offers a diverse courses in both undergraduate and graduate schools and several certificate programs and diplomas in the Continuing Education Department. UNIBE is known in paying special interest in the growth and well-being of students and ranked among the best 200 universities in Latin America. Aside from UNIBE's wide range of undergradua...