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A Guide to Studying Abroad in Monteverde

Monteverde — a kaleidoscope of biodiversity from flora to fauna thrives in its cloud forests. The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserves boasts 26,000 acres, 70,000 visitors a year, and one of the seven natural wonders of Costa Rica. The outdoors will be your classroom here by exploring the environment and learning about how the communities balance sustainability and tourism. Plus, you’ll have opportunities to intern or volunteer here along with your studies, which will be a shining jewel on your resume. Study abroad in Monteverde to experience an educational adventure every day!

Student Life in Monteverde

Life in Monteverde is exciting and adventurous! The biggest attraction in Monteverde is the Cloud Forest Reserve, where animal enthusiasts will rejoice — you might just spot the famous quetzal or golden toad here! You could also cross suspension bridges, zip line the canopies, bungee jump, ride horses, take a coffee tour, or explore bat caves on night walks. Plus, you could visit butterfly gardens or serpentariums (if you dare). Once you’ve gotten your fill of thrills, you could travel south to Punta Arenas to lounge on the glittering beaches. 

After a long day, you can rest your head in a cozy setting with a host family. Most of the programs also offer homestay accommodations, which is the best way to learn about life in Monteverde from the locals, get the best tips on places to see and things to do, save money in the long run, try out local foods, and practice your Spanish in a comfortable environment.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

While Costa Rica is more affordable in the United States, especially with health care, it’s best to eat like a local while studying in Monteverde. Be sure to visit open-air farmers’ markets to buy all your grocery needs from meats to vegetables, where $15 per person can fill your fridge for a week. Take advantage of student discounts in the area and take the public buses. Program fees vary based on duration, tuition, and more, but you can budget, save, fundraise, or apply for scholarships to help cover the costs.

The weather in Monteverde includes a rainy season from May to December and a dry season from December to May. However, it can rain any day throughout the year, so bring a waterproof jacket, and some days are more humid and windy than others. The average temperature ranges from the 60s-80s, so it’s best to wear layers, and make sure you bring pants and sweaters for the chilly nights. Also, bring a good pair of closed-toe hiking shoes. 

From musing over your studies with classmates in the Tree House Cafe to exploring hidden paths in the cloud forest, you’re on tico time in Monteverde! The academic life involving dancing, music, soccer games, and eating delicious cocina tipica food will be the time of your life. You’ll discover new things every day in one of the greenest countries on Earth when you study abroad in Monteverde.

Let’s keep this party going! Read our comprehensive guide on studying in Costa Rica.

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A Guide To
Studying Abroad in Monteverde


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CIEE Summer Sustainability/Environment  in Monteverde, CR

Some experts claim that Costa Rica is a best-case example for sustainable development. Others see its well-intentioned efforts in eco-tourism backfiring for lack of proper infrastructure. Join CIEE in Monteverde, a small, international community nestled along the edge of a cloud forest, to learn about tropical conservation, development, and sustainability. Nearly half of your time will be spent...


College Service Learning Trips to Costa Rica

EcoTeach works with conservation and community projects in Costa Rica that are inspired and managed by local Costa Ricans. We want to help you be an integral part of a learning experience to remember by participating in hands-on conservation work that might include working with endangered sea turtles, building smokeless stoves for migrant coffee workers, accompanying scientists on research boat...


Grade 11/12 Study abroad in Costa Rica!

Study abroad this summer in Costa Rica with Blyth Academy International Summers! The North Pacific Coast of Costa Rica offers among the best and most easily accessible diving sites in the country, an abundance of marine life, and vast expanses of tropical dry forests that often line the darker sandy beaches that lend Playas del Coco its name. Students will have the opportunity to hike inland...


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Social Justice and Development Internship Program Costa Rica

Costa Rica is perhaps best known for its ecological diversity and the abolition of its army. In lieu of a military, it has an "army" of teachers and healthcare workers, positioning Costa Rica uniquely in the region in terms of human development. In addition to internships in education and the public health sector, ICADS' internship program offers over 65 placements in areas of areas of environm...


Academia Tica: Travelling Classroom Program

The Academia Tica Travelling Classroom program (TCP) in Costa Rica gives students an integral traveling vacation to complement language learning. It brings together popular activities and excursions, as well as local knowledge, for an authentic experience that goes beyond conventional tourism. It is a combination of nature, leisure, wildlife, and Latin American culture. The students will learn ...


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Earth Expeditions in Costa Rica

Travel to Costa Rica to explore Neotropical systems, including lowland rain forest and cloud forest. Investigate the biotic, physical, and cultural forces that affect tropical biodiversity. We will focus on the theory and practice of inquiry in understanding local ecosystems. All students will have the chance to conduct an investigation of the local ecosystem, asking their own questions, collec...


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Butterfly Garden

Participants in this Institute for Global Studies program will assist curators in the running of a butterfly garden in Costa Rica. Interns will help on all levels of the operation: butterfly collection, interpretation to the public, and maintenance of the facility. This is a great opportunity to learn about the diversity of Monteverde through the wings of its most spectacular creatures. The int...