Study Abroad in Eastern Lowlands

14 Study Abroad Programs in Eastern Lowlands


Panama: Tropical Ecology, Marine Ecosystems and Biodiversity Conservation

Study tropical ecology in one of the world’s most ecologically diverse countries, and explore the critical environmental and social issues affecting its conservation. This program provides students with an immersive opportunity to study in one of the world’s most diverse ecological environments. Topics of study include tropical forest ecology; marine and wetland ecology; mammal and bird co...


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Outward Bound Costa Rica

To truly survive in the outdoors, you need more than the right skills. You have to be a true leader as well, equipped with essential training in rescue and wilderness medical care. You will learn about this and more through a fun semester with Outward Bound Costa Rica! Undergo training in becoming an outdoor professional, helping you acquire necessary leadership skills in the wild. With our ...


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Before experiencing the thrill of working with turtles in the wild, experience the thrills of the Costa Rican jungle. The Class III rapids of the Sarapiqui don't disappoint. Next, we settle into our Field Station on the beaches of Tortuguero. Get down in the trenches, assisting biologists by marking turtle nests, counting eggs, and more. From there it's off to El Ostinal, Nicaragua, to explore ...


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Social Justice and Development Internship Program Costa Rica

Costa Rica is perhaps best known for its ecological diversity and the abolition of its army. In lieu of a military, it has an "army" of teachers and healthcare workers, positioning Costa Rica uniquely in the region in terms of human development. In addition to internships in education and the public health sector, ICADS' internship program offers over 65 placements in areas of areas of environm...


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The Latin American University of Science and Technology (ULACIT)

The customized group programs are adapted to each university or faculty’s needs and goals (length, topics & budget). The most popular programs we have run during the past years include: peace studies & alternate conflict resolution, tropical ecology, foreign investment & entrepreneurship in Costa Rica, rural sustainable development and inclusive learning.


Academia Tica: Travelling Classroom Program

The Academia Tica Travelling Classroom program (TCP) in Costa Rica gives students an integral traveling vacation to complement language learning. It brings together popular activities and excursions, as well as local knowledge, for an authentic experience that goes beyond conventional tourism. It is a combination of nature, leisure, wildlife, and Latin American culture. The students will learn ...


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Butterfly Garden

Participants in this Institute for Global Studies program will assist curators in the running of a butterfly garden in Costa Rica. Interns will help on all levels of the operation: butterfly collection, interpretation to the public, and maintenance of the facility. This is a great opportunity to learn about the diversity of Monteverde through the wings of its most spectacular creatures. The int...


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Study Abroad Programs Focusing on 'Sustainability through Community' with CELL

CELL's unique study abroad programs focus on sustainability through community and are designed for students who believe that they can make a difference in the world: students who would like to play an active role in creating long-term solutions to problems facing our global communities and environment. Semester programs consist of a combination of structured course work, field-learning experien...


College Service Learning Trips to Costa Rica

EcoTeach works with conservation and community projects in Costa Rica that are inspired and managed by local Costa Ricans. We want to help you be an integral part of a learning experience to remember by participating in hands-on conservation work that might include working with endangered sea turtles, building smokeless stoves for migrant coffee workers, accompanying scientists on research boat...


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Costa Rica Sea Turtle Ecology Program

If you wish to pursue a career in the field of ecology or wildlife conservation, sign up for the nine-day Sea Turtle Ecology Program in Costa Rica. In partnership with the Endangered Wildlife Trust, you will take part in a conservation effort aimed at leatherback sea turtles. You will take up more than 30 hours of coursework and instruction in subjects like sea turtle biology, research methodol...