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A Guide to Studying Computer Science Abroad

Do you sometimes feel part human and part computer at the same time? We feel you. We are living in a digital age, a revolution driven by computers, and we want to be aaaalllll up in it. Computers are everywhere, in our communications, entertainment, transportation, medicine, and pockets. Industries and individuals worldwide have come to rely on computers and IT in their daily lives. Studying computer science and information technology abroad will allow you to experience and understand how computers are used in different parts of the world, and how technology influences different cultures. Ready to dive headfirst into the digital future?

Why Study Computer Science Abroad

You may already speak a couple languages, like C++, Python, and Java. But why not tack on a foreign language to that list? You can do all that and more while studying computer science abroad.

Computer science and IT is a fast-paced, ever changing, constantly growing field, always attempting to meet the needs of our ever-evolving societies. The field of computer science has truly become global, making international experience valuable for students interested in a career in computing and informational technology. 

Remember: while your home country may be technologically advanced, it still might not be the most computer-savvy country on the planet. Studying computer science abroad could be your chance to expose yourself to new technologies that may seem out of this world.

Computers have been the crucial piece causing societies around the world to become so interconnected. So why not see them for yourself rather than through your preferred monitor?


Opt between visiting a super-high-tech wonderland or a country where computer technology is less pervasive; the clouds are the limit when it comes to studying computer science abroad!

Germany is no stranger to recognition for its technological advancements, thanks to its impressive contributions to the fields of engineering, space travel, and nanotechnology. Scientific technology is embedded deeply in the culture of Germany, and strongly supported by the general public. Beyond the classroom, you can study computer science in amazing cities like Munich or Berlin, get to know advanced IT researchers at world renowned universities, and stuff your face with pretzels, schnitzel, and curry wursts. 

South Korea. Home to Samsung and other tech giants, South Korea is the most wired country in the world (over 80 percent of it is covered with free public internet!). It boasts a virtual supermarket, GPS machines in every cab, digital countdowns at bus stops...South Korea is the window into the future of tech. Be sure to bring your smartphone (you want to blend in with the locals, don’t you?!). South Korea is particularly well-known for its scientific research; Korean researchers have made immense contributions in various fields, including automobiles, electronics, machinery, earthquake engineering, optics, industrial robotics, metals, and semiconductors.

Israel. Do you have a soft spot for battery powered cars? You’re in luck. Studying computer science in Israel will expose you not only to one of the most advanced modern electric car infrastructures in the world, but also to a nation that focuses heavily on exporting technology-related goods. Israel is also well known and respected for its innovative contributions to the defense industry. As an IT student in Israel, you will be exposed to a fascinatingly complex area of the world, but also a country that prioritizes all things computer science.

Benefits & Challenges

At universities around the world, computer science and IT are quickly becoming two of the most popular fields of study, and for good reason! With the needs of society changing and technology growing, there are still many questions left unanswered, which is why computer scientists are always going to be needed (talk about having job security!). 

When you make the decision to study computer science abroad, you will have the world at your fingertips, with opportunities to study abroad in a multitude of locations. With computer science study abroad experience under your belt, you will certainly have a leg up on the competition when you start looking for jobs at some of the world’s major computer companies.  

Before selecting your courses, remember that you may not be able to jump into the study abroad experience until you have completed some coursework in your home country. This can become a setback to attaining your study abroad dreams, so plan what courses you will need to take in advance to give yourself enough time to prepare.

The study of computer science and information technology is all about learning new systems, applications, and software to update and resolve current computing issues. Rely on this thirst for knowledge during your time in the classroom to have deepen your appreciation of each and every experience you have during your time studying computer science abroad. 

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A Guide To
Studying Computer Science Abroad


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