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Study in Top Chinese Universities - GAC New Programs

BEIJING LANGUAGE AND CULTURE UNIVERSITY(BLCU) is the only university in China that primarily specializes in teaching Mandarin Chinese language and culture to international students. The university since its inception has become the most popular destination for foreign students desiring to study in China. Member of the C9 league of universities, PEKING UNIVERSITY is a major research oriented...

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Budget Low Cost - Chinese Language & Culture - 3 Locations

Study Chinese Language and Culture in China. Low cost. Earn credit. Flexible schedules. Weekly - Monthly terms. Open to all students and adults worldwide. Three(3) locations: Beijing, Shanghai, or Hong Kong. Cultural activities and excursions included. Intensive courses. Mandarin and Cantonese available. Low cost housing options, including Host Families. Can pay in $U.S. dollars, or in...


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Intensive One-on-one Chinese + Chinese Cooking Course

Would you like to learn Mandarin Chinese in China? Take part in this Intensive One-on-one Course and learn according to your needs and interests. Not only will you advance your language skills, but you will be able to experience Chinese culture through a cooking class. Keats School is a leading language institute in China and is well known for their cultural courses.


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Learn Chinese and enjoy your stay at our dormitory

Beijing International Chinese College offers Mandarin Chinese language courses at its biggest campus in the Art Zone of Beijing, China. We also offers top-level well-equipped accommodation with bed, television, desk, wardrobe, air-conditioner, and bathroom, and excellent buffet for three meals a day. - If you choose Regular Courses then you will have four lessons every morning, Monday to Fri...


Group tours in China

Let Hutong School plan an unforgettable trip for you and your group. We welcome all ages, nationalities and backgrounds to come and experience China, Chinese language and Chinese culture. Our multinational team will help you through every step of the process; visa applications, travel arrangements, accommodation, booking guides, creating the perfect itinerary and making your trip smooth and enj...


Intern in China- Internship Network Asia by Hutong School

Owned by Hutong School, Internship Network Asia offers the opportunity to gain invaluable experience in the Chinese market. Interns can shop around for a suitable internship by work sector. If an intern cannot find what he or she is looking for, then he or she can discuss requirements with a program consultant, who will guide him or her moving forward. During the internship, interns will be sup...


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Learn Traditional Kung Fu in Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Kungfu Family is a home for all martial artists and everybody else interested in learning traditional Chinese kungfu. The school is based in Chengdu in Sichuan Province, in southwestern China. Initiated in 2002 by Master Li Quan, Kungfu Family is the only kungfu school in Sichuan province that specializes in training foreign as well as local Chinese students in authentic traditional kungfu. The...


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China Kung Fu Academy

Visit one of the oldest civilisations in the world. China has a rich and mystical history stretching back thousands of years, and is home to some of the world’s greatest treasures. China is a big country in so many ways; it is a melting pot for many religions, languages and cuisines, not to mention that it is now the most populated country in the world and at the forefront of modern society....


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Mandarin Language Courses at Yantai University in China

The best way to learn a language is to live, eat and breathe it.. Take part in a course at cosmopolitan Yantai University and learn Mandarin Chinese, the language spoken by one-fifth of the world's population. You can do this course even if you are a complete beginner with no knowledge of Mandarin or If you are advanced level. WHY LEARN MANDARIN? * Learning Mandarin will be of benefit t...


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Southeast Asia Gap Year Semester | Pacific Discovery

Who do you want to be in the world? Join Pacific Discovery for a life-changing, overland journey through the cultural heart of Southeast Asia: Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. On the Southeast Asia Semester, participants will travel in a fun, safe, and supportive small group with two experienced international instructors to facilitate and mentor the experience. Participants will get in...