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A Guide to Summer Study Abroad in China

You could spend another summer at home watching “Mulan,” or you could grab this break by the dragon tail and take it for a ride to the far east! Sign up for summer programs in China and get ahead with your studies while exploring landmarks — nothing like cruising on the Yangtze River for a field trip. Take a peek into the past when you visit historical sites like the Yonghe Temple, then glimpse into the future as you view Shanghai from the top of the #supermod Pearl Tower. Guess what your Chinese astrological sign is telling you to do? It’s telling you to put on some red because it’s your lucky day — you’re spending a summer in China!

Why Spend Summer in China

China has become one of, nay, THE forefront country in industrialization and a leader of the global economy. If your four-year college plan cannot endure a full semester abroad, then a summer China program is the perfect time for you to fulfill some degree requirements. You’re sure to find courses in your field that will offer you new points of view from business to arts to health sciences. When you’re not hitting the books, get your fill with water activities, like kiteboarding, surfing, and drifting, or by savoring summery sweets, like snowflake cakes and red bean buns!

While you can find programs that offer the choice of taking courses in English, why not grasp this opportunity to study Chinese in China? Chinese language summer programs are some of the most popular out there, no doubt because Chinese is the #1 most spoken language in the world. A plethora of Chinese summer programs help you get that competitive edge. You’ll have your panda’s share of chances to order your preferred tea – in Mandarin – wherever you go.


From numerous mountain ranges to forests to coastlines, the blend of modern and ancient buildings paints the late Confucius's homeland with a sense of awe and wonder. Whether you’re a student who loves the country or the city, nature or culture — or heck, both — you’ll never want to nap during summer programs in China.

Beijing. Surround yourself in early history and mountains in northern China. Class excursions often include strolling in Tiananmen Square, trekking along the Great Wall, and exploring the Temple of Heaven. Relax and unwind with a cup (or two) of milk tea on a nearby rooftop terrace that overlook the windy hutong alleys. With the stifling summer heat, you’ll want to cool your brow (and step back in time with ancient relics and ceramics.) in the National Museum of China, one of the world’s largest museums in the world.

Shanghai. Immerse yourself in this cosmopolitan city on the east coast of China. Love the beach? Perfect! Soak in the sun at a beach on the Bund against the Pudong skyline. Practice your Mandarin as you attend a local performance at the Chenghuang Temple and browse the 50,000 plants at the Shanghai Botanical Garden. Get some relief from the heat by catching the breeze on a sightseeing bus tour where you can learn a thing or two about the city and later dive with sharks at the Changfeng Aquarium’s shark tank.

Kunming. Further inland in southwest China lies Spring City, one of China’s most liveable cities with a fairly temperate summer climate (trust us, you’ll want to strongly consider this option for your summer in China!). With fewer foreigners in this city, you’ll have several opportunities to practice your chopsticking skills. Kunming is a nature-lover’s dream, with Himalayas to the west and tropical rainforests to the south — biking along the countryside or strolling to Green Lake is a must to get your mind off your studies. Discover the temples and relax in one of the parks, especially the legendary Stone Forest. 

Tips for Summer Study in China

Whoa, slow down there, tiger! Before you pack your whole closet, here’s a few tips for attending Chinese language summer programs. The summers in the coastal cities are often hot and humid, so be sure to pack lightly with shorts and T-shirts. You’re bound to experience downpours — umbrellas are a necessity! Be sure to bring a good pair of walking shoes for your modern day explorations. Oh, and don’t forget bug spray for those pesky ‘skeeters!

If you happen to be in the Middle Kingdom at the beginning of summer break, don’t forget to check out the Dragon Boat Festival. This annual tradition is over 2,000 years old and honors Qu Yuan. Celebrate this festivity by drinking lots of realgar wine and eating plenty of zongzi (sticky rice cones). The best part is watching wooden boats — decorated like dragons — race each other to the sound of beating drums!

You’ll come head-to-head with a language barrier in China, so it’s highly recommended you make an effort to learn Mandarin during your Chinese summer programs. While you can get by with some English in the cities, you’ll find that you’ll be able to navigate the areas more smoothly with some conversational Chinese (particularly helpful when asking for directions and reading traffic signs), not to mention when you’re picking the flavor of your hot pot broth!

Summer Abroad Scholarships in China

May to August is a peak tourist season in China, so costs like accommodation and activities may be higher than usual. You’re in luck though because scholarships for summer study abroad in China run wild like bamboo. With a scholarship or two for your travels, you’ll be able to shāo qián — burn money — left and right right on that dim sum! Get your yuan on with a couple of these scholarships: 

  • TEAN Abroad offers a full ride scholarship for summer term with a value of up to $26,000! Applicants will need to meet the GPA of the program they’re in, and submit a one-page essay. The deadline for this scholarship is March 1st! 
  • IES Abroad provides summer study abroad scholarship of $1000! Applicants will need to be attending a university that is a member of the ISA Consortium and submit an application with a personal essay and a profile. 
  • API awards thousands of dollars every year to students from all backgrounds. The scope of API’s scholarships range from $200 to $750. 

The list for summer scholarships for summer programs in China may seem endless, so feel free to contact the program coordinator for recommendations. Apply early and often for scholarships you qualify for to meet the deadlines, and submit all of the required materials. To view a plethora of available summer scholarships in China, visit’s Scholarship Directory.

Benefits & Challenges

In your short time in China, you’ll pick up some Chinese phrases, develop international skills, and gain new perspectives. After taking a look at your resume, employers in every field will be impressed that you’re a productive person who spent a summer studying abroad in China, an influential country in global affairs, and learned how to speak Chinese. Plus, you might just become one with yourself (or the way) after learning some Chinese philosophy.

You’ll no doubt experience some culture shock when you go to China. While greeting people with a handshake will feel familiar, respect is highly valued, so address adults with their proper titles and avoid discussing sensitive political topics. Make sure your table manners are up to par while you’re there, as you don’t want to lose face (guān xi) while chowing down around those lazy-susan communal dinner tables!

While you might be left wondering why they still drink boiling-hot tea during the summer months, the list of super-fun activities for your summer in China exceeds the number of Chinese characters that exist. As Lao Tzu once (basically) said — a study abroad journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!

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CIP Study Abroad Program: Summer Intensive Chinese Language

Join our Award Winning Chinese language Study Abroad Program delivered with much precision and participant in Mind. The programs are delivered in most cities in China and hosted by TOP UNIVERSITIES. We combine classroom lessons, Travel opportunities, Thrilling events, Homestay to immerse our participants. This is one of the safest Study Abroad programs with comprehensive Insurance.

Foreign students in a field trip in the Temple of Heaven in China

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Boston University: Shanghai Summer Chinese Studies Program

The Boston University Shanghai Summer Chinese Studies Program at Fudan University offers eight weeks of intensive language study. Students will live and study in China's largest and most vibrant city. An undeniably modern city, Shanghai preserves the legacy of its strong colonial past. The core curriculum centers around approximately 15-20 hours each week of language instruction, emphasizing...

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China Experience:Language Courses, UK Degrees, Summer School

XJTLU short courses offer you the opportunity to delve into Chinese culture, society and language. Experience China in the summer, or master the Chinese language one semester at a time. XJTLU’s home is Suzhou, a mix of the ancient and the hypermodern that tells the story of twenty-first century China. A hub of global business, research and innovation just 25 minutes from Shanghai sits alon...

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Study Chinese at Beijing Language and Culture University

A chance to be like thousands of international alumni who have studied at the Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU), study and live the language with flexible programs ranging from just a month to a full academic year of study. With the help of Go Abroad China, you will gain more vocabulary, master the grammar and speak with more fluency after intense classes, taught by some of the bes...

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Affordable, Comprehensive Study and Intern Abroad Programs!

CISabroad study and intern abroad programs are some of the most affordable, comprehensive program packages available. We also don't cut any corners by offering everything you would expect from an overseas program: tuition, housing, support before, during and after; insurance, excursions, social and cultural activities, and airport pickup - all as the core of our program package. Some programs a...

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USAC CHINA: Chengdu-Chinese Language and Culture Studies

Ancient, culturally rich and picturesque, Chengdu is the perfect destination for anyone hoping to immerse in China’s heritage and natural beauty. While the capital of Sichuan province boasts of these aspects, it is also known as Southwest China’s center of scientific research and higher education. Take advantage of these and more through the Chengdu program of USAC. This program involves learn...

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New York University Shanghai

Already a great cosmopolitan city, Shanghai also possesses the entrepreneurial energy that distinguishes it as a world idea center. Because of this distinction, NYU Shanghai has joined NYU’s main campus in New York City and NYU Abu Dhabi to become a four-year degree-granting campus. It has attracted an international student body, with half coming from China. The brand-new NYU Shanghai campus is...

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ONPS|Summer in China

ONPS|Summer in China is a tailored program for foreign students to gain knowledge of China and its ever-growing business industry. The project is aided by the extensive ONPS network and database, helping them gain access to top professors within various expert fields. The program was originally designed to allow foreign students to gain access to China's local market and to give an insight...


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CLI Immersion Program - Learn Chinese in China

Join the Chinese Language Institute (CLI) and learn Chinese through one-on-one language training and complete immersion. Located in the famed southern city of Guilin and officially affiliated with Guangxi Normal University, CLI delivers intensive Mandarin, College Study Abroad, China Seminar, and Teach in China program options. CLI was created as a solution to traditional language learning p...

Chinese Language Institute (CLI)

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ISA Study Abroad in Shanghai, China

Shanghai (pop. 23,019,148) is China's largest city and financial capital. It is located on the central east coast of the country and enjoys moderate temperatures in the winter and hot summers. Shanghai has been a market city for over 1,000 years. In the 19th century, the city operated as a popular port location, which helped pave the way towards Shanghai eventually becoming one of the most ...

ISA students learning Tai Chi on a building in Shanghai, China

TEAN: China - Summer in Shanghai

Study abroad for the Summer in Shanghai at Fudan University, an institution constantly ranked among the top three universities in China. The Fudan International Summer School, in partnership with TEAN, provides an unparalleled opportunity to study at one of China's leading universities in one of the most fascinating cities in the country. Over the four-week program, students can choose to t...

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Sustainability Adventure Mobility Programs

Take advantage of our 2 week Adventure Sustainability Programs in Shanghai over the Summer and Winter breaks! Our short-term mobility programs are designed for students wanting to break out of their comfort zones, explore sustainability and environmental trends in China for a fraction of the cost and time! SSi mobility programs are credit bearing of 1.5 US credits (equivalent), with academic ...

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Budget Low Cost - Beijing Language and Culture University

Study Chinese language and culture at BLCU - Beijing Language and Culture University. Students can take part in high quality academic programs, and earn college credit. The program runs for twenty hours per week, four hours per day. Students can take an intensive course that runs for thirty hours per week, six hours per day. Housing is provided on campus in a residence Dormitory. Founded in 19...


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API at East China Normal University in Shanghai, China

Shanghai (Hu for short), is a renowned Chinese metropolis drawing an increasing amount of international attention, investment, and envy. Perched near the Yangtze River delta, the city serves as regional hub for economic development, finance, culture, and scientific research. Today, Shanghai is considered to be one of the most “international” cities in the world. API will take their courses at ...