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A Guide to Studying Abroad in Shenzhen

One of the biggest cities in China in terms of population and economy, Shenzhen is a bustling metropolitan that many students have learned to call home away from home. Shenzhen boasts many universities and institutions that cover majors from accounting to zoology. When you’re not studying, chill out at one of the city beaches, take a spin at a theme park, practice those chopsticks, or get your culture on at a folk village. Ready for an experience that will change you for the better? Start writing application letters to study abroad in Shenzhen!

Student Life in Shenzhen

Shenzhen is located in on the southeastern coast of mainland China, next to Hong Kong and Macau. What is life like for students in Shenzhen? The city itself is made up of several districts that play host to many parks, different types of commercial areas, and even “the Window of the World,” where students can peek into cultures from around the world.   

Shenzhen is important to the world of trade and manufacturing, which means there is always a conference or an exposition on the latest gadget or gizmo to attend for either pleasure, education, or both. Looking for a unique place to study and people watch? Try Dongmen Street with its many small stores and coffee shops to browse through. Want to spend a few hours away from it all? In the areas surrounding Shenzhen, there are many beaches to visit and hot springs to help you unwind. 

You won’t need to worry about how you’ll get around Shenzhen. The city offers a metro system, city buses, taxis, and rental bikes. Knowing Chinese phrases will help you get around, and consider getting a card with your name and address in Chinese characters in case you get lost.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Shenzhen is home to many students from all over the world who live and study in this amazing metropolis. Students must learn to adjust to the cultural norms that will help them fully integrate into the community. Some things that can come as a surprise to students would be not tipping a waiter or driver, napping during lunchtime, and crazy cheap goods and services. Unlike neighboring Hong Kong and Macau, Shenzhen is comparably cheaper to live in. A Chinese meal will run about $2 at small local restaurant and less than that if sampling street vendors. 

While there's the common idea of a Chinese student buried under a mountain of homework and endlessly studying for exams, the truth is, most students in China consider the college life to be easier and less stressful then in high school. So, while any university should test your limits, studying in a Chinese university, in many ways, is similar to studying anywhere else.

Nowhere in the world will you have an experience like in Shenzhen. Studying abroad in Shenzhen expands worldviews by exposing you to the many ways that make each culture or community unique. Some challenges that people might have while living in Shenzhen are problems with communicating basic needs. Language is another lens to view the world, and taking the time to study Chinese helps you connect with the community. Shenzhen, China, is one of the most important cities in southeast Asia, with folk villages, beaches and nearby social hubs like HK and Macau. 

Be sure to read our full guide on studying in China.

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A Guide To
Studying Abroad in Shenzhen


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