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A Guide to Study Abroad in Guangzhou

Forget burgers...Dragon Fighting against the Tiger (not a play or an act) is a popular cantonese dish found in the streets of the sprawling metropolis known as Guangzhou [(gwang-joh)]. This Cantonese city is the capital and largest of the Guangdong Province. It is located in China, just northwest of Hong Kong, on the Pearl River. Guangzhou, the busiest transport and trade hub in China, is also an international hotspot that features contrasting historic temples, gleaming skyscrapers, and grand architecture in every inch of the city. Search for programs and study abroad in Guangzhou for that Guang-whoah experience!

Life in Guangzhou for International Students

Guangzhou is the perfect location for students wanting to experience Cantonese culture. Despite the pollution that clouds blue skies, the city offers a fun-filled experience for every student, featuring authentic Cantonese food, elaborate architecture, and largest trade fair in China. Students can spend a day soaking in the lifestyle by feasting on char sui (meat marinated in plum sauce), checking out the Cantonese Opera at Guangzhou Opera House for singing, martial arts, and acrobatics, or visiting the Canton Fair. This Import and Export Fair is the largest in China and a major event for any international students who are studying in April or October. Thrill seekers can visit the biggest theme park in China, Chimelong Paradise, for over seventy rides, animals, and a grand circus.

Guangzhou is a relatively cheap destination compared to other cities in China. Long-term students can live on as little as $600 per month if they find an apartment outside of the city center. Groceries tend to be cheap, and you may find yourself being able to eat on $10 per day. Buy a monthly pass for the train around $50 and you can explore every inch of the city and its surroundings.

GoAbroad’s Inside Scoop for Study Abroad Students in Guangzhou

The best part of being located in a major port and transportation hub is that there are endless opportunities for gaining connections during your study abroad. Guangzhou is one of the most prosperous Chinese cities, so whether you are studying business, international relations, or Chinese language, you’ll leave your study abroad experience with real world experience. Learn from the best international experts and open doors to a future international career.

Just a heads up, local pride in Guangzhou is REAL. Locals are Guangzhouers first and Chinese second, so observe how the locals act! Even though it is the heart of Cantonese culture (along with Hong Kong), Guangzhou is distinct in language, food, and atmosphere. This also means that the RMB should be used rather than the Hong Kong dollar since the exchange rate isn’t too decent. Above all, speak Cantonese not Mandarin! Don’t speak the language? No worries, there will be many international friends from across the world (aka more couches to crash on when you travel)!

Study abroad programs in Guangzhou opens doors for international students. Whether you’re a Chinese culture junkie or an international businessman, you’ll find the perfect program to suit your needs while studying abroad in Guangzhou. Get ready for a fast-paced city, delicious food, an international community, and the experience of a lifetime!

Want to find the tiger to your dragon? Read our comprehensive guide on studying abroad in China.

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A Guide To
Study Abroad in Guangzhou


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