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Learn Khmer in Cambodia

Learn the official language of Cambodia on our Khmer Language Course. Khmer is the second most widely spoken language in continental southeast Asia, and 16 million people speak it across many countries including Thailand and Vietnam. Learning a local language is a wonderful way to get to know a country and its people and cultures. It will help you gain deeper insight into the local community...


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Southeast Asia Gap Year Semester | Pacific Discovery

Who do you want to be in the world? Join Pacific Discovery for a life-changing, overland journey through the cultural heart of Southeast Asia: Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. On the Southeast Asia Semester, participants will travel in a fun, safe, and supportive small group with two experienced international instructors to facilitate and mentor the experience. Participants will get in...


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Temple Conservation in Cambodia

Cambodia is a country of incredible beauty and interesting history best known for its monumental temples and captivating nature. It was once known as the Khmer empire and later was a French protectorate for almost 100 years until 1953 when it gained its independence. The following years of political unrest, war and corruption have not broken the spirit of the Cambodian people who remain open, w...


Traditional Dance Workshops

Aliore is offering various Traditional Dance Workshops in multiple countries: Tango tour in Buenos Aires- Dance the tango in the company of professsional dancers and well-known teachers. (10 days) Percussion and dance workshops in Guinea- 1, 2 or 3 weeks with professional musicians and dancers from the Guinean ballets. Flamenco dance workshops in the heart of Seville: All year round ...


Marine Conservation in Cambodia

Participate in a specialized project that will have you experiencing genuine Cambodian culture and way of life. The program is ideal for those interested in experiencing Conservation work firsthand, learning more about oceans, and working with a local community towards a sustainable future. Program participants will take part in a four-week program that offers the chance to earn full qualificat...


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Affordable Volunteering in Cambodia: From USD470 for 2 Wks!

UBELONG offers 1 week to 6 month volunteering opportunities in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe. In Cambodia, volunteer with UBELONG in business development, caregiving, construction and infrastructure, education, health, law and human rights, NGO support and women's empowerment - explore UBELONG and join the thousands of people who have already become UBELONG Volunteers!