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8 Study Abroad Programs in Bulgaria


Embark on an educational adventure in Bulgaria through Youth For Understanding. Live in the city of Sofia for a maximum of 12 months while exploring the rich Bulgarian culture. This study abroad program is available only to American high school students.


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Study abroad provides students with global educational and career development and the Gilman International Scholarship Programs and Boren Awards provides financial assistance to individuals seeking study abroad opportunities in Bulgaria. These programs help United States undergraduate students, with good academic standing and a commitment to studying abroad, the financial resources needed to pu...


The Centre International de Formation Europeenne (CIFE) offers a summer university program in Bulgaria and Romania. The week-long course is aimed at graduate students and young professionals. For particularly qualified candidates, CIFE also considers the application of students in their second or third year of university studies. The summer university has been held since 2010 in partnership wit...


Learn more about Bulgaria’s culture and history, including ancient civilizations, through our study abroad program. Led by senior university faculty, this program is an exciting opportunity to earn academic credits, learn about Bulgaria, and expand your international learning and understanding. You can take one or two courses. The study abroad time in Bulgaria lasts two weeks. The rest of the ...


Live and study in Bulgaria through Study Abroad in Europe. The program focuses on business courses such as Hospitality, Culinary Arts, and Marketing and Public Relations, among many others. The program covers tuition, textbooks, and housing needs. Participants are based in the city of Sofia during the course of study, and may take the program during the spring, summer, and fall semesters.


The 2016 Central Balkan Brown Bear Population Research is a field school, supplementing the first purposeful research on the Brown Bear population in the territory of Central Balkan National Park spreads over the central, highest parts of Stara Planina Mountain and accommodates large number of self regulating ecosystems, which include extreme biological diversity, wildlife communities, as well ...

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Studying Abroad in Bulgaria

Diverse natural beauty, intriguing history, and a lively nightlife are some of the many descriptors that can be used for Bulgaria. This vivacious country is vastly known for its mountains and beach resorts, yet it’s among the lesser-traveled European countries. So studying in Bulgaria a singular experience.

Geography & Demographics

Located in the southeastern part of Europe, Bulgaria is surrounded by Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, and the Black Sea. The capital city, Sofia, is amidst some of the countries most striking geographical features, apparently drawing locals to reside there since the city is also Bulgaria’s largest city.

Bulgaria is home to some of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, including the Balkan Mountains, Black Sea, and Seven Rila Lakes. The Balkans connect Bulgaria and neighboring Serbia.

Things to Do

Hiking on the famous Balkan Mountain range is spectacular indeed, with some of the world’s highest waterfalls, beautiful vegetation, and a plethora of wild animals in their natural element. With 20 passes and dense forests, the Balkan Mountains provide one adventure after another. Bulgaria is also quickly becoming a global golf destination, as one world-class golf course after another springs up across the country.

The Black Sea offers the opportunity to jump into various water sports including surfing, fishing, water skiing, diving, underwater fishing, and snorkeling. This great sea boasts luscious beaches, and its Bulgarian shores are tourist hotspots. The Seven Rila Lakes are among the most breathtaking attractions found in this region of Europe, a hotspot for tourists making the journey to these stunningly beautiful glacial blue lakes. Bulgaria’s swift-flowing rivers, including the Struma and Iskar, are perfect for kayaking and whitewater rafting. For adrenaline junkies, there’s bungee jumping down into the Prohodna cave, hang-gliding over Vitosha or Sliven mountains, and paragliding in the heights over the town of Sopot.

Archaeological landmarks around the country include artifacts and ruins from the ancient Thracian, Roman, Byzantine and proto-Bulgarian cultures. Notable sites include: the Sveshtarska Thracian Royal Tomb, in northeast Bulgaria; the Nesebar Archaeological-Historical Reserve, an ancient town that dates back 3200 years, in the coastal town of Nesebar; the antique Roman Stadium in Plovdiv, in central Bulgaria; and the Rila Monastery, founded in the 10th century, tucked into the Rila Mountain in western Bulgaria.

Studying in Bulgaria

Sofia and Varna are the most popular cities in which to study abroad in Bulgaria. Sofia is its capital and the largest city. Located at the foot of Mount Vitosha, Sofia is a natural choice for students who want to spend their free time hiking, mountaineering, climbing, or skiing. It boasts grand architecture and a happening nightlife with lots of bars and clubs. One good study abroad course in Sofia is through the Centre International de Formation Europeenne. This summer program is for graduate students in many degrees, including European Studies, French, International Relations, Law, Legal Studies, Political Science, and Social Science.

Varna is another popular choice for study abroad in Bulgaria. The “Sea Capital of Bulgaria,” Varna is the country’s third largest city. It’s quite cultured with many archaeological and historical museums, and lively with lots of beach bars, restaurants, and shops. It’s located on the coast of the Black Sea and is a frequent stop for tourists from all over the world.

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