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Study and Learn Spanish in Sucre, Bolivia

Enjoy a Spanish language course in Sucre, the capital of Bolivia and one of the country's largest cities. Sucre is located in a beautiful mountainous region in south-central Bolivia,and it is one of the most pleasant places to learn Spanish in South America as there is a cool and temperate climate all year round! There are a lot of historic monuments and even more small shops and restaurants...


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Bolivia: Spirit of the Andes (Summer Abroad)

In the heart of South America, the Andes Mountains and dense jungles of the Amazon inform daily life at every turn. Known as a land of extremes, Bolivia is home to some of the most staggering cultural and ecological diversity on the planet. Hosting 36 distinct ethnic and language groups, vast mountain ranges, dense and remote Amazon jungle, and a shifting socio-political landscape, Bolivia prov...


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Doing More With Less- Healthcare in Remote Southern Bolivia

The Chagas program in Bolivia of Child Family Health International gives students the opportunity to gain diverse knowledge on an infectious disease that is a major cause of death and disability in Latin America, but which is very rarely seen in industrialized countries. According to the Center for Disease Control, an estimated eight million to 11 million people in Mexico, Central America, and ...


Study Spanish in Sucre Bolivia

We invite you to study Spanish, and be immersed in the unique culture of Bolivia. Located in the heart of Sucre in a quiet historic, colonial area, just a few blocks away from the city center, the school offers a high quality program focusing on the four basic language skills: listening, grammar, oral and written comprehension. To ensure complete Spanish language immersion, English is not permi...


Pitt in Bolivia: University of Pittsburgh

Get the chance to study a country wherein two-thirds of the population is considered indigenous through “Pitt in Bolivia”. This academic program is offered by the University of Pittsburgh and takes place in Cochabamba. For an entire semester, you will focus on a particular track. The Culture, Society, and Service Learning track allows you to gain deeper understanding of the country’s contempora...