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A Guide to Studying Abroad in Bolivia

Located in the center of South America is a landlocked country which humbly invites the adventurous soul to partake in its rich diversity. From the highest capital in the world,  which is the amazing La Paz, to the tropical and fiercely independent Santa Cruz de la Sierra, every person will find something that will fulfill their need for adventure, learning and culture.    

Geography & Demographics

Mountains and ocean are both easily reached while studying in Bolivia. The wonder that is Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world, is a relatively short, scenic, and bumpy drive from La Paz. The Cordillera Real mountain range rising 18,000 feet and higher into the sky is an awe inspiring addition to the ride.  

This Andean jewel of more than 10 million people of Amerindian, Mestizo, European, Asian, and African descent will attract a variety of culture seekers. The diversity continues with 34 indigenous languages spoken alongside Spanish, Aymara, Quechua, and Guarani. 

The four distinct ecoregions provide great variety for outdoor fun. The Llanos region has an inviting humid, tropical climate. The Valleys and Yungas are also humid but with a more temperate climate. In the Chaco region, visitors experience an environment that is more semi-arid with rain and humidity. Finally, the Altiplano is unique with its Desert-Polar climate which produces strong, cold winds. The red cheeks of the population are a certain testament to the harshness of the Altiplano.

Food & Culture

The staples of the Bolivian diet are beans, corn, rice, pork, chicken, and beef. One should not leave out the mighty potato which originated in Bolivia and its neighbor to the north Peru. These simple delicacies are usually enjoyed during the larger meal of the day which occurs in the afternoon.

Things to Do

Outdoor enthusiasts will find no shortage of trekking in the Cordillera Real and mountain bikers will certainly desire the adrenaline rush biking down the Death Road in the Yungas. If outdoor adventures are not your thing then head to a festival or religious ceremony at a local church or town held throughout the country. Just remember to be respectful while attending these events as Bolivia is an old fashioned country and take their religion and ceremonies quite seriously.  Always ask permission when taking a picture and keep the noise level down.  

Studying in Bolivia

There are study choices to fit the academic needs of  young and old alike. The main cities where study programs occur are in La Paz, Cochabamba, Sucre, and Santa Cruz de la Sierra. When your academic needs are satisfied or a study break is needed, then cooking classes or dance classes just may be what you need to keep studies fresh and give yourself an exciting cultural break.

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A Guide To
Studying Abroad in Bolivia


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Youth International

Take part in an academic program that provides a fun and exciting way to learn. Youth International offers the chance to learn through day-to-day travel experiences. Participants will participate in a sailing safari, intensive Spanish courses, workshops, and lectures.


Study Abroad in Bolivia with SIT Study Abroad

Study the social and psychological impact of globalization on indigenous Andean and Amazonian communities in Bolivia on this SIT Study Abroad program. Examine cultural identity and the concept of community well-being in this diverse country. A comparative program that travels to four countries to examine climate change spends five weeks in Bolivia.


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Dragons Semester & Study Abroad Programs

Spend four weeks to six weeks in Bolivia navigating through the snowcapped peaks of the Andes and the dense canopy of the Amazon rainforest on a summer study program from Where There Be Dragons. In the city of La Paz, participants meet with political and non-government organization leaders to learn more about community development and political representation while honing their Spanish language...


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Child Family Health International

Discover Bolivia with a holistic learning experience through the study abroad programs of CFHI. Programs are located in La Paz and in the rural areas where students typically stay for two to 12 weeks.Students will be spending most of the time with children providing them with pediatric and adolescent medicine.


The National Registration Center for Study Abroad

Study in Bolivia with The National Registration Center for Study Abroad and get the chance to explore the city of Sucre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Andean highlands. Learn Spanish in this charming colonial city and visit its main attractions including Casa de la Libertad and Palacio de la Glorieta. Program includes homestay accommodations, laundry service, and medical insurance.


Spanish Language Program over New Year's Eve

Spend New Year experiencing South America and its culture through a Spanish Language Program that lets you engage with local community members. Santa Barbara City College offers this incredible opportunity, which runs from December 29, 2018 to January 13, 2019. The Winter 2018/19 Intersession comes with a Spanish language program that allows you to experience Bolivia! Travel to a South Ameri...


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Study and Learn Spanish in Sucre, Bolivia

Enjoy a Spanish language course in Sucre, the capital of Bolivia and one of the country's largest cities. Sucre is located in a beautiful mountainous region in south-central Bolivia,and it is one of the most pleasant places to learn Spanish in South America as there is a cool and temperate climate all year round! There are a lot of historic monuments and even more small shops and restaurants t...


Pitt in Bolivia: University of Pittsburgh

Get the chance to study a country wherein two-thirds of the population is considered indigenous through “Pitt in Bolivia”. This academic program is offered by the University of Pittsburgh and takes place in Cochabamba. For an entire semester, you will focus on a particular track. The Culture, Society, and Service Learning track allows you to gain deeper understanding of the country’s contempora...