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A Guide to Studying Abroad in Vienna

With a long history as one of Europe’s most enriching cultural centers, and perennially ranked today as one of the world’s most livable cities, it is no wonder why so many students choose to study abroad in Vienna. ‘The City of Music’ has been called home over the years by some of Europe’s greatest artists and thinkers, not a bad legacy to be a part of when you study abroad. The adventure of a lifetime awaits you in Austria’s capital city, so add study abroad Vienna to the top of your bucket list!

Study Abroad Programs in Vienna

There are a handful of both domestic universities and international schools located across Vienna’s city scape where students are bound to find the perfect niche in which to study abroad. There are a wide variety of courses available in each type of academic institution, the main difference being that most domestic universities in Vienna utilize German as the language of education, whereas many international schools offer English-taught courses.

Whatever the format of your program, some of the most popular subjects that international students choose to study abroad in Vienna include music, history, psychology, and political scienceVienna is home to many international important international organizations, such as the UN and OPEC, making it a great place to analyze European society. German language immersion programs are also quite popular for international students in Vienna who are looking to advance their fluency in Europe’s second most widely spoken language.

Students can generally choose to study abroad in Vienna during summer session, fall or spring semester, or for a full academic year. Many summer study abroad programs in Vienna are specialized, offering international students the opportunity to immerse themselves in one focused aspect of the city’s culture (such as music), while semester study abroad programs give students the opportunity to take their pick of courses from a full array of academic fields.

Life in Vienna

Located on the northeastern slopes of the Alps in the heart of Europe, you cannot beat the natural scenery which surrounds Vienna. Over 2.5 million people live in the metropolitan area of the capital city, comprising  nearly one third of the entire country’s population. One of Central Europe’s most important cities, you will be in the economic, political, and cultural nucleus of Austria while you study abroad in Vienna.

Vienna is considered to be one of the world’s most livable cities for a reason. Beautiful historical architecture, sprawling public gardens, and countless cultural opportunities make everyday life a pleasure while you study abroad in Vienna.  Some of the most impressive sites that you shouldn’t miss out on include the Hofburg Palace, Vienna State Opera, and St Charles’s Church. You can also tour the old houses of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Sigmund Freud; both have been turned into museums!

Vienna boasts a very efficient train and metro system that makes both transportation around the city and travel to nearby areas a breeze. Take advantage of your central location and the ease of transport to explore as much of the continent as possible while you study abroad in Vienna. You never know when your next opportunity to travel will come around!

Scholarships & Costs

As you may have guessed correctly, study abroad Vienna is not necessarily cheap. It has one of the highest standards of living in the world, so you will want to plan out a careful budget before embarking on your international experience. If affordability is a concern, check out our Scholarship Directory to learn about all the financial aid opportunities that are available for Vienna study abroad programs.

Accommodation & Visas

International students who study abroad in Vienna often have a variety of living options, ranging from a homestay to student dormitories to an individual living situation in an apartment or flat. Each accommodation style has their pros and cons while studying abroad; for example a homestay is a great opportunity for total cultural immersion, but your own apartment may be better if you prefer a more autonomous lifestyle.

Students from outside the European Union will generally need to apply for a student visa if they plan on studying in Vienna for longer than three months. Austria’s visa policy may differ depending on your home nation; you can check out our Embassy Directory for more information about your specific situation.

Benefits & Challenges

History of Significance. Vienna has for a long time been one of Europe’s most flourishing cities, and today nothing is different. A global city that is an economic and cultural leader on the continent, you will have a very enriching experience studying abroad in Vienna.

High Culture. Where else in the world will you have the genuine opportunity to attend a formal winter ball while studying abroad? Be sure to at least catch an opera or ballet while in this city of high bohemian culture.

Adventure Travel. Don’t worry about getting tired of city life; living in Vienna you will be only a short trip away from the Alps, where all sorts of outdoor adventure travel opportunities await you. 

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