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A Guide to Studying Abroad in Sydney

This city of sunshine is a dream for study abroad students and needs little introduction. The name itself sends imagery of a paradise city perched on the edge of a giant, wild continent. Equipped with golden beaches and dazzling nightlife, Sydney’s cityscape is easily recognized (thanks in large part to the iconic Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge), leaving no question as to why it is time and time again one of the most popular destinations for study abroad in the world. An interesting, new culture and spectacular education system come together to make an ideal location for foreign students. So, don't waste any time, study in Sydney this year!

Studying Abroad in Sydney

Between renown universities like Macquarie University and the University of Sydney, there is no shortage of courses to choose from once you make the decision to study in Sydney. Did we mention the fact that all courses are in English (okay, Captain Obvious)? For real, this is a huge perk! Because of this, students majoring in STEM fields or other technical degrees will be able to take international classes with much more ease in Sydney.

As one of the biggest cities in the region and a leader in Australian commerce, Sydney is a fantastic place to take courses in business. While studying in Sydney, students can take classes that focus on either marketinginternational business, and business administration. With real life examples around every corner, it’s hard to find a better place to expand your business major and knowledge than Sydney.

For those looking to get credits in engineering, there are several possible places to study in Sydney. A lot of engineering programs in Sydney combine professional experience with classroom education. Therefore, you can easily take field trips to research institutions and technical companies to gain a deeper understanding of the industry, way cooler than sitting in a boring classroom all day.

With its proximity to the ocean, students who study in Sydney can also easily take courses in marine biology. These courses will focus on expanding students’ knowledge of issues facing marine environments and how they can better be managed, great topics to discuss so near to the Great Barrier Reef. Another aspect of taking this subject is acquiring the skills needed to assess and manage damage to ocean areas that are affected by pollution and climate change.

Life in Sydney

Often ranked highly in the world’s best cities to live, study, and work abroad, life in Sydney is an envied experience. From the famed opera house to ample cultural events to the healthy vibe, this Aussie city is down-right amazing to live in, and of course study abroad in.

Popular public events are often what define city life, and Sydney offers various yearly and weekly events. View portraits at the the second largest photo festival in the world and feast your eyes the best of cinematography at the annual film festival. The Sydney Festival is a three week long arts festival in January that fills the streets with everything from drama and dance to inspirational talks. Not to mention Sydney’s Mardi Gras supports LGBTQ rights and hosts a vibrant night parade where people dress up to celebrate all night. 

With a gym on every block, it is a very active and fitness conscious city. If you enjoy running, jogging, or walking, join the masses and take to the botanical gardens or coastal tracks. Better yet, take up surfing and skateboarding, two very popular ways of getting around the city and the waves. While studying in Sydney, you may often forget the incredible natural wonders Australia has to offer. Take advantage of student discounts while studying in Sydney and catch a train up into the Blue Mountains to take a hike or two for some fresh air.

Dining out is a treat, with a variety of food choices from different countries all over the world, with a particular emphasis on Asian cuisine. As a student, you will find yourself grabbing a sushi roll on the go, and profiting from the hugely popular and cheap Thai restaurants that are scattered around the city. Sydney’s café culture is particularly excellent (flat whites are an indulgence not to be missed). You will be treated to not only world class coffee if you study in Sydney, but also creative spaces and accompaniments.

Accommodation & Visas

Accommodations all depend on your preference and the study abroad program you choose. Some students that study in Sydney choose to stay with Australian host families in order to get a more immersive experience. Choose this option if you’re looking to save some money on meals, be a little less independent, and practice your Aussie accent during your time in Sydney. For those with more of an independent streak, apartments, flats, and dormitories are available. Many study abroad programs in Sydney organize housing for international students; however, be prepared to share housing with other students and spend money on your own groceries.

For those who want to study abroad in Sydney from Europe and the Americas, visas are very easy to acquire, and in a lot of cases not even necessary. What many students elect to do is get a Visitor Visa, which allows you to study in Sydney for up to three months. Be sure to check with your study abroad program provider as they will be able to walk you through the process and may want you to get a particular visa. Up to date visa information for study abroad in Australia can be found on GoAbroad’s Australian Embassy Directory.

Benefits & Challenges

One of the most metropolitan places in the world, and a very large city, Sydney offers every kind of amenity and sun ray that anybody could ever want. Its people are welcoming, its food is delicious, and its beaches are pristine. 

However, all these perks ain’t free. One challenge that some students may come across when studying in Sydney is that the Australian dollar is particularly strong, making Sydney is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Be sure to plan ahead and budget accordingly to finance your life as a study abroad student in Sydney. You might also consider applying for scholarships to help offset the costs of your program.

Sydney’s universities are world class and draw thousands of international students every year. Besides a quality, well recognized degree program credits, you’ll receive a beautiful environment to surround yourself with if you study in Sydney. After all, the best way to study is under a blue sky, between swims, and with nothing but the sound of crashing waves and singing birds (Mine, Mine).

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A Guide To
Studying Abroad in Sydney


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