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A Guide to Studying Animal Science Abroad

Studying animal science abroad is the perfect way to gain experience and stand out from the crowd in an industry that is constantly evolving. There is much to be gained from understanding the history, practices, cultural traditions, and science of another geographic region, as well as being exposed to its natural diversity. Those who study animal science abroad, no matter what area of interest, will benefit greatly from the international experience and the opportunity to explore the field in the real world.

Why Study Animal Science Abroad

The field of animal science is constantly shifting and adapting to international events, regulations, and the needs of various species. Study abroad programs will provide students with a framework from which they can jumpstart their careers, because students that have hands-on experience in the field also have a level of knowledge and expertise that is highly sought after by more and more employers in the field.

Students will be able to apply their skills and academic knowledge during their time abroad, in order to further understand the environmental impacts of animal agriculture, preserve exotic wildlife, and examine animal breeding, disease, and nutrition. Individuals who study animal science abroad will gain a unique perspective of the field, which is something they can continually apply to a wide range of courses, careers, and other future endeavors.


Where you decide to study animal sciences abroad is dependent upon your interests within the field, as program opportunities vary greatly by discipline. There are many great destinations around the world that host animal science study abroad programs, but some of the best destinations are outlined below.

Australia. With its expansive ecosystem and vast coastlines, Australia is a great place to study animal science abroad. International students will have the opportunity to focus their studies in animal production, animal health and management, reproduction and cattle, and much more. Students will also be able to travel across the country, from coast to coast, and discover the nation’s incredible animal and plant life.

Ghana. Due to its geographical location and vibrant ecological atmosphere, Ghana offers a wide variety of opportunities for studying animal science abroad. While studying abroad in Ghana, students will be able to explore the natural complexities of coastal Africa and join in Ghanaian cultural activities and social life. Students will be able to focus their studies on immunology, breeding, digestive physiology, and many other components of the field.

Mexico. With a direct hand in the U.S. dairy industry, Mexico is a prime location for students interested in the farming and health aspects of animal science. Students will have the opportunity to conduct research and work hands on with organizations that integrate components related to marketing, communication, and research for U.S. produced dairy products in Mexico. Students will likely be able to participate in educational campaigns that apply skills in animal science, management, and marketing directly through fieldwork.

Scotland. Animal science study abroad programs in Scotland encompass an incredible wealth of hands-on opportunities for those particularly interested in equine fitness and physiology. Students can let the sweeping Scottish country-side take their breath away as they immerse in animal science courses, and of course, experience the Scottish culture.

Studying Animal Science Abroad

Program structure will vary greatly between providers and locations, although most animal science study abroad programs will be offered in partnership with a local host university

Most individuals that study animal science abroad will be able to combine hands-on fieldwork with their classroom learning. As a result, some previous lab experience as well as foreign-language background may be required to participate in some animal science study abroad programs. Fieldwork may be related to breeding, public health management, environmental regulation, disease control, and many other aspects of the field.

Those who study animal science abroad will be able to take courses in many different subjects, such as agribusiness, animal and plant genetics, biology, economics, food safetymicrobiology, and pathogenic bacteriology. What is truly incredible about animal science courses abroad is that each one will be specifically tailored toward the location in which you are studying. Unlike taking a course at your home university, studying animal science abroad will allow you to witness the material covered in your textbooks first hand, and on a much larger scale. Those who study animal science abroad will learn how interconnected the field is worldwide.

It is crucial to thoroughly research each animal science study abroad program to guarantee that the courses offered will be directly relevant to your interests within the field. The amount of hands-on interaction and fieldwork involved should also be a significant consideration when selecting a program, especially for those interested more in the business and management side of the animal sciences.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Direct Experience to Build Your Future. Studying animal science abroad will allow you to explore your interests inside and out of the classroom. Most study abroad programs will emphasize direct application of learned scientific strategies and principles in the field, which will be incredibly beneficial for students. Participation in an animal science study abroad program is an excellent way to demonstrate to graduate schools or future employers that you have practical work experience and an understanding of fieldwork techniques.

Understand Science From Another Angle. Alongside the phenomenal academic experience, studying animal science abroad also offers students the opportunity to dive into another country’s culture and its approach to animal science field work. Taking on the challenge of study abroad can be an extremely rewarding experience, and one that will provide students with a framework to shape their careers from.

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Accredited Service Learning—Costa Rica | Guatemala | Peru

Get involved, make an impact, and learn to serve! University credit is available for our local service learning programs in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru. Service Learning Project Areas: - Working with Kids - Teaching English - Conservation - Construction - Animal Care - Eco-Agriculture - Indigenous Immersion - Medical & Healthcare University credit is awarded ...


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Summer in New Zealand

Exchange summer for a little winter in coastal Dunedin, New Zealand. Study at the University of Otago on the Summer in New Zealand program and take advantage of amazing excursions to nearby museums and towns. Tucked away along the southeast coast of the South Island, Dunedin is the stepping stone to New Zealand’s many majestic landscapes. Trek one of New Zealand’s Great Walks that dot the South...


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AIFS Study Abroad in Costa Rica: Semester or Year

Study abroad for a semester or academic year in the lively capital of San José with AIFS. Earn up to 23 credits through courses taught in English or Spanish at Veritas University, with no previous Spanish language study required. Choose one of three academic programs: - Spanish Language, Liberal Arts, and Environmental Sciences Program - Spanish Language and Internship Program (language...


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IES Internships - Barcelona Full-Time Semester Internship

As the economic and cultural hub of the Iberian Peninsula with internship placements in commerce, media, fashion and more, Barcelona is the perfect place for your semester-long internship abroad. With IES Internships, you are guaranteed an unpaid, for-credit, 12-week internship of at least 30 hours per week in a business or organization that suits your career goals. Build a global network of pr...


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Athena Study Abroad in London, England

Athena's London program takes place at the University of Roehampton, where students can live, learn and socialize together on a beautiful and historic campus in southwest London. The school offers a range of excellent facilities as well as easy access to the world-class museums, libraries and galleries of one of the most exciting and successful cities in the world. Students are taught direct...


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Equine Summer Study in Scotland - Adelante Abroad

Relish in the sweeping Scottish countryside on the outskirts of the capital city of Edinburgh. This 4 week Equine Study Abroad Program includes courses in equine anatomy and physiology and equine fitness, as well as hands on experience with English style riding. Animal science and pre-veterinary students will find this program most beneficial. However, the program is open to any major and no ...


USAC ENGLAND: Reading - Full Curricullum

A large, historic town on the Thames and Kennet rivers, Reading boasts of a thriving commerce and technology industry as well as excellent entertainment and shopping centers. At the same time, it doesn’t lack natural sights and historic landmarks. Take Forbury Gardens and the ruins of the 12th-century Reading Abbey for instance. It is in this beautiful town where you will integrate into England...


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API at University College Dublin in Dublin, Ireland

Come experience this international campus in one of Europes most exciting cities! Ideal for students who are focused heavily on academics and want to attend a distinguished, global university in a charming city, this program will offer students an incredible introduction into Irish culture and life. With access to a wide range of courses at a top ranked university as well as outstanding on-s...


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ISA Study Abroad in Stirling, Scotland

Stirling is one of Scotland's most historic cities, which many major battles for Scottish independence took place in and around. Once the capital of Scotland, the city is surrounded by a large medieval fortress now mixed in with a contemporary, university town. Lush and green, Stirling is often called "The Gateway to the Highlands." The city is extremely student-oriented, pedestrian friendly, a...


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CIEE High School Summer: Perth, Aus. / Wildlife Conservation

Play a role in protecting endangered animals in Australia, one of the most biodiverse nations on the planet. Koalas and kangaroos, quokkas and spotted quolls, wombats and wallabies, bilbies, bats, and bandicoots. There are 235 species of Australian marsupials, many of which are vulnerable or endangered due to introduced predators, habitat loss, and climate change. Your mission, as visiting env...


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Study Abroad in Australia at Murdoch University

Murdoch Universitys Study Abroad Program attracts students from different parts of the world. With over 2,600 international students coming from over 90 countries and 26,000 local students, you are guaranteed to have a rich and unforgettable learning experience at the university. Beyond just experiencing a rewarding and interesting program of study, participants get the chance to form meaningf...


TEAN: Palmerston North - Massey University

As the home of Massey University's original campus, Palmerston North is not only a welcoming town, but conveniently situated within easy access to some of New Zealand's North Island's greatest highlights. With a relatively small student population of 8,500, yet comprehensive course offerings, including a focus on the life sciences, agriculture, horticulture, and veterinary studies, participants...


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Mongolia Conservation Program

Round River Conservation Studies' Mongolia Conservation Program provides an incredible opportunity to experience the vast landscapes and biodiversity of Mongolia. Operating from Round River's base camp, students will spend their time assisting partners in remote mountainous regions of Mongolia. Students may participate in wildlife surveys, using camera traps to monitor wildlife, natural hist...


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Global Health Semester Program at the UPF

The Global Health at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) is for those students majoring in health sciences, medicine, biology, veterinary science, nursing, or any other health-related field and/or who is planning to apply to medical school after graduation. This program offers academic rigor and a high degree of cultural immersion. The highly regarded UPF has organized a dynamic set of program ...


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Large Animal Veterinary Practice in the Tropics

Enhance your chances for vet school with an intensive, hands-on, veterinary study program in Belize. Find yourself immersed in large animal veterinary practice techniques on farms and ranches (horses, cattle, sheep, goats and pigs). Through hands-on work,in the field and laboratory you will get amazing real life exposure and take your career potential to a new level. The classes are small it ...