Degree Program Scholarships

The cost of college degrees varies greatly between countries, but is always worth the investment. Who doesn’t want as much financial help as possible, though? Instead of just covering a semester or dorm room, why not just go for the big fish and try to catch a scholarship for your entire studies? That way, whether it’s in your hometown or abroad, you can worry less on working overtime at a minimum-wage job and focus more on academics and extracurricular fun.

Who Qualifies for International Scholarships?

Students, future or current, apply for all sorts of scholarships. That means that you, dear scholar, are a prime candidate. Whether you are a high school senior or current college student, there is a scholarship with your name on it; you just need to find it and claim it.

What Kind of Scholarships are out there?

Get to know the basic types of financial aid terms, then zone in on what is most relevant to you.

  • Academic. Whether you’re an all-around Einstein or aced every single math test you ever took, show off your GPA and class ranking for some complimentary cash.
  • Athletic. Got mad skills throwing a football or kicking a soccer ball? Get a scholarship to earn your degree and play sports for your host university.
  • Demographic. Gender, religion, ethnicity…there’s a demographic filter for you; take advantage of it.
  • Institution. If you are signing up to study abroad through an institution, inquire about scholarship options. Some academic organizations offer financial aid for their applicants.
  • Country. Most countries have a website or organization that offers scholarships to students coming to study there. As an international student, you qualify for tuition, transportation, and accommodation financial aid. It’s worth the research.
  • Need-Based. If you’re not a millionaire, you might qualify for a need-based scholarship. Gather up the parental units’ bank statements and start filing.

When can I Apply for a Scholarship?

Starting early with scholarship applications is key, especially when considering funding an entire degree. Begin researching and applying ahead of time, and keep at it!

Here are a few tips to keep you on the ball:

  • Start Early. Begin the scholarship hunt at least a semester before your intended start date.
  • Mark the Calendar. Put all of your deadlines on the calendar and set alerts on your phone.
  • Aim to Finish Before the Deadline. Murphy's Law proves that you will always get sick and lose all internet connection the night before your scholarship is due. Outsmart it by aiming to get everything done well ahead of the deadline (like, a week!), so that nasty surprises won’t affect you.
  • Keep Applying. Once your degree program starts, don’t stop applying!

Why Should I Apply for a Scholarship?

Who doesn’t want to minimize their tuition costs so that personal money savings can go toward supporting everyday life or a more prosperous future? There are a lot of different types of expenses involved in earning a degree, so why not take the opportunity to have some or all of them covered by a scholarship!?

Scholarships help with:

  • Paying for tuition. Tuition usually covers classes, textbooks, and some supplies. In some cases, tuition costs might also include extracurricular activities or educational excursions.
  • Finding affordable housing. Some institutions offer home stays or match you with roommates in a dorm or shared apartment. Certain scholarships specifically cover housing costs.
  • Providing transportation. Though more difficult to find, some scholarships (especially those provided through programs) will pay for airplane tickets.

Deciding to earn a degree anywhere in the world is a great adventure that extends far outside of the classroom. Be sure to check scholarships often, keep applying, try various types of scholarship offers, and polish off all those motivational essays to get the most funding for your degree program. That way, when you check into your new home, you can focus on the adventure at hand, not your bank accounts.

Top Degree Program Scholarships

  • Chevening Scholarships

    Funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and various partner organizations, the Chevening Scholarships are provided as the UK government’s scholarship program and target outstanding potential leaders taking up master’s degrees across a wide range of fields at any UK university. Applicable fields include politics, business, religious studies, and media. Chevening Scholarship awards are typically provided for a full academic year.

  • The University of Newcastle Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme

    Established on 1997, the University Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme provides financial support to outstanding high school graduates who will be entering university in one of the institutions covered by the University of Newcastle’s Regional and Rural Preference Scheme. Forty (40) Australian scholars are awarded with a one time $4,000 scholarship annually.

  • The School of Management MBA Scholarships

    The University of Bradford is committed to providing graduate students from all over the world who are interested in completing their MBA with financial support. The School of Management MBA Merit Scholarship, which provides up to £25,500 of funding, is available to high calibre master’s students who require financial support to complete their degree.

  • Birmingham Marshall Scholarship

    Founded by a 1953 Act of Parliament, the Birmingham Marshall Scholarship continues the gratitude of the British people to their American counterpart by offering financial help to American graduate students pursuing higher education in any field in the UK. Up to 40 scholars from the Unites States receive Birmingham Marshall Scholarship awards each year.

  • Trudeau Scholarships

    Each year the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation offers scholarship awards to foreign students pursuing postgraduate degrees. The doctoral scholarship award provides up to $40,000 in funding and is given to five (5) scholars with outstanding academic achievement and a keen interest in engaging in a multidisciplinary environment annually.

  • Goa Education Trust Scholarships

    Established in 2009 by the Dempo and the Formento Group, the Goa Education Trust Scholarship Program is committed to providing Goan students with a platform to pursue postgraduate study in the UK. The scholarship is only available to students pursuing doctoral degrees in the fields of journalism, education, history, and law.

  • The Rachel Carson Scholarship

    The United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney offers the Rachel Carson Scholarship to graduate students in need of financial help to continue their studies abroad. An award of up to $2,000 is given to outstanding individuals who currently possess a bachelor’s degree. This merit-based scholarship is open to both local and international students.

  • Atsumi Scholarship

    Since 2000, the Atsumi International Scholarship Foundation has giving generous funding assistance to students pursuing international education in Japan. The scholarship provides financial help to 12 outstanding postgraduate candidates with plans of earning their doctorate degree at a Japanese university in the Kanto Area. Scholarship benefits include a monthly stipend of 200,000 Yen and a “Rest-and-Relaxation Trip” to Karuizawa.

  • Obuchi Student Scholarship

    The East-West Center offers the Obuchi Student Scholarship to individuals pursuing masters or doctorate degrees at the University of Hawai’i or for those who wish to participate in the Asia Pacific Leadership Program. The Obuchi Student Scholarship is an educational, cultural, residential, and leadership development program, providing financial support to both graduate and postgraduate students.

  • Eccles Scholarship

    The Australian National University offers the Eccles PhD Scholarship to exceptional international students in the field of medicine. One (1) outstanding individual enrolled in a doctorate program at John Curtin School of Medical Research is awarded this scholarship each year. This scholarship award covers tuition fees for up to three years at a value of over $25,000.

  • Adelaide Scholarships International (ASI)

    The University of Adelaide offers an extremely competitive scholarship scheme for international students undertaking postgraduate research study. The Adelaide Scholarships International (ASI) selection is based on academic merit and research potential. Australian and Kiwi citizens are ineligible for this scholarship.

  • Macquarie University International Scholarship (MUIS)

    Macquarie University aims to give a hand to outstanding undergraduate students from all over the world, across all disciplines, who wish to distinguish themselves academically in their respective fields. A wide range of full and partial scholarships are offered to international students each year, including the Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarships, Country Scholarships, and Study Abroad Scholarships.

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