Study Abroad in Belgium
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Study Abroad in Belgium

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7/ 10

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YFU blunders

Before I review YFU Belgium (Walloonia and Brussels) I would first like to say that each country and region has its own YFU office and I am specifically review YFU Walloonia and Brussels.

Every program has its positives and negatives. I'll start with the positives. This program creates a strong connection between the students studying abroad. Also, all of the administrative parts of studying abroad are handled very well by the program. There is also a fun trip to Paris and a couple of day trips.

With that being said, the negatives of this program far outweigh the positives. The program is way overpriced ($10,000 compared to $5,000 of Rotary), the president of YFU Walloonia and Brussels is a very rude, inconsiderate man, and there is a major lack of vetting of the families. Also, they are consistently short of families. It created a few problems for me and a few other students in the program.

If you plan on studying abroad, I highly suggest Rotary International and AFS. Both programs are cheaper, provide better family support, and include many more trips.