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Intern in India with World Internships

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8/ 10

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Mumbai Is A Busy City Filled With Awesome People, Good Times, And Delicious Food

Mumbai is a crazy place but once you get used to the energy of this city you will have a great time. Most people I encountered were very friendly and helpful and I had a great time making friends, and hanging out on the weekends. One of my favorite parts is definitely the food. There is so much to choose from and I think that I will really miss all the delicious Indian food and other cuisines.

I really enjoyed everyone in the World Internships and the on site offices. They were all extremely helpful and attentive to all my needs and I really felt that they went above and beyond to make sure I was happy and comfortable.

I enjoyed all the opportunities here and I only wish I was here a little longer so I could really get used to life in Mumbai.

I loved where I lived itself but sometimes my landlady was disagreeable and hard to talk to. I also didn't like how someone could enter my apartment unannounced while I was not there and sometimes I felt uncomfortable with that situation.

I would definitely go to Blue Frog because they have some really fun music acts that come through and they have a really fun bar atmosphere. If you are here during the Kala Ghoda festival that is also definitely worth checking out as well.

This is a city so there are dangerous people but I never felt like I personally was threatened by anyone or in particular danger. Most places are busy and well lit late into the night and the neighborhood in which I lived was quite safe.

I never got truly sick so I can not comment on this matter with experience. The one time where I stayed home and felt ill I simply took some medication that I had with me and slept it off. However once my internship coordinator heard I was sick she immediately wanted to know how I was doing and if I needed to see a doctor. I felt that if I was ever truly ill, I would have been taken care of very well.