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Volunteer in Thailand with World Endeavors

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8/ 10

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An incredible, unexpected experience

My original intent in volunteering abroad in Thailand was ideally to work in a hospital or clinic to gain experience with patients and clinicians in another country. When I was placed in a childcare center, I was admittedly a little hesitant since I requested to be placed with adults. I decided I wouldn't let this deter me because I still wanted to have this experience and have my eyes opened regardless of the demographic I would be helping. The pre-departure process was very well spelled out, and I always knew who to call for questions. Everyone involved was exceedingly friendly and helpful. My month in Thailand was one of the best of my life. I was able to travel before and after my two weeks in Bangkok. The first week my friend and I spent in Chiang Mai and Pai, and the last week was spend in Krabi. The transportation was cheap and manageable. Each city/town was so distinct but so authentic in their own ways. Getting to our temporary home in Bangkok was also a breeze thanks to my wonderful host parents, Goi and Wan. The home was very comfortable and private, and the food was to die for. Wan thankfully took us on a few tours of the city and was happy to give us rides to and from the airport. The childcare center itself exceeded my expectations. The staff was wonderful and we had great times despite the obvious language barriers. I felt useful and even felt connections with many of the children there. I still wish I could have left more of a lasting impression or done more concrete medical work, but I still think about Thailand and those children all the time. I would be hard pressed to give a better review. Thailand treated us so, so well, from central Bangkok atop impossibly high buildings, to the rural areas many tourists avoid. I would recommend this World Endeavors Volunteer Abroad in Thailand program to anyone who would listen.