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Contribute to Great White Shark Projects

Contribute to a program that makes a difference in the marine life in Mossel Bay. Each program runs for 27 days, and starts on the first of every month. Participants are

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When shouted with urgency, this phrase generally creates a panic. Unless you are one of the interns at White Shark Africa, that is. Then that powerful word sends you running towards the source, desperate to catch a glimpse, and hopefully a photo, of the elusive and tragically misunderstood Great White Shark.

For at least one month, our interns live to hear that single word. Rather than strike fear into their hearts, the word “Shark!” is just the start of an experience that will not only thrill them, but will also open doors for many. Our program at White Shark Africa, which is open to any and all who are interested, offers interns the chance to participate in community education as well as hands on, scientific data collection.

Interns get the chance to engage with the local community at fairs and schools, educating children and adults alike about the importance of sharks to the local ecosystem. They also get the chance to catch and tag local sharks.

Most importantly, however, White Shark Africa interns will find themselves mere inches away from the most infamous of all shark species, the Great White Shark. Through the bars of a cage, our interns will get the chance to view Great Whites in their natural habitat, an experience none could possibly forget.

This one of a kind experience will allow interns to learn how to recognize individual sharks, interpret behavior, and gather sex and size data on Great Whites. One thing our Eco program is not is a “once in a lifetime” experience, due to the fact that a large portion of our interns return more than once.

Program: Contribute to Great White Shark Projects