Teaching English to Buddhist monks in Monastery
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Teaching English to Buddhist monks in Monastery

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We Volunteer Nepal - Teaching English to Buddhist Nuns

I volunteered at the Hasante Buddhist monastery teaching English to the nuns in September, 2016 with We Volunteer Nepal. We Volunteer were a great organisation to help me have this experience in Nepal, and they were very helpful in getting me settled into Nepal. Firstly they put me into accommodation for my first night to recover from the flight, then they allowed a day for me to be shown around the city itself for a day of touring and sight seeing. Bhagawan was also helpful for two of the other volunteers with us when they became ill at one stage. The eating and sleeping conditions were very good at the monastery, with the food being cooked fresh for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and was absolutely delicious (obviously also all vegetarian to abide by Buddhist teachings). For sleeping conditions we had two people to a room, with an attached bathroom in each room, which was situated in a separate complex to the main monastery buildings which meant on our down time we had a private space to relax in. Obviously the bathrooms and beds aren't a five class hotel standard, but they are perfectly satisfactory for any volunteer. The nuns were a huge help throughout our time there and very helpful with any questions we had, while also being the kindest and most welcoming people.
I highly recommend this program with We Volunteer Nepal for those wanting an overseas volunteering experience to remember.

  • We Volunteer Nepal responded to this review November 11, 2016 at 3:46 AM

    Thank you Anna Cavanagh for your reviews and support our causes Buddhist Monastery in Nepal.