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Vermont-based Volunteers For Peace (VFP) has been collaborating with community and grassroots organizations in Haiti for over 15 years! Our focus is on education, access to clean water, and environmental conservation through the lens of cultural exchange. Our projects work to empower local leaders, provide meaningful activities for children, and leave behind sustainable projects in the community.

VFP offers projects around the year ranging from 1 week to 3 months. We also work with community, educational, and family groups in the USA to develop custom projects to meet their goals and skills.

Our Summer Day Camps are a great opportunity and introduction to Haitian culture. We offer this program in multiple locations throughout Haiti including La Vallee de Jacmel, Port-au-Prince, and Desab. In 2015, our Summer Day Camps provided enrichment activities to more than 800 Haitian children while introducing over 100 international volunteers to Haitian games and culture.

As we look to 2016 and beyond, we will be expanding our Clean Water Initiative and continuing our work with rural farmers to sprout and plant a variety of trees. Tree planting increases the overall health of the soil, provides a sustainable revenue stream for the farmers, and helps to reforest countryside.

Join us and help make a difference! Our projects in Haiti are open to all, no experience necessary.

Visit our website to explore all the opportunities in our Volunteer Project List.

Program Highlights

Cultural Exchange takes place 24 hours a day. VFP volunteers live with our local Haitian leaders providing unlimited opportunities to learn about the culture and create deep friendships.

Promotes Local Voluntary Service - VFP volunteers help promote the value of serving in your community. By bringing their energy, excitement, and spirit to the projects VFP volunteers highlight the joy of serving and the positive benefit to the community.

Children are the future - VFP projects involve formal and informal education to children, broadening their view of the world, exposing them to new ideas and educational styles, and reminding them of the importance of education.

Protect the Environment - VFP volunteers can help with environmental initiatives in Haiti such as creating recycling centers, promoting trash collection, planting trees and more.

Make a sustainable impact - Each VFP project involves something that will remain when the volunteers leave. Sometimes it is installing Biosand Water filters in a school so children will have clean water to drink. It might be building a classroom or painting a hospital or even planting a tree. Join VFP and leave a piece of yourself in Haiti.

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Program Reviews

Most Recent

Vocational School in Duchity

November 5, 2015

This trip was amazing and Volunteers for Peace was an excellent organization to go through for my first international volunteer experience. Living and working with such amazing people, from our hosts to other volunteers, the project was enlightening and exciting and allowed all of us outsiders a chance to be welcomed into a vibrant, warm culture.

Vocational School construction

November 4, 2015

My time spent in Haiti has forever changed my perception of what's important in life. Volunteers for Peace, VFP, allowed me to experience life in a society where things we take for granted are not readily available and are scrounged for daily. Mere existence in Duchity, Haiti involves foraging for food, hunting for wood or charcoal to cook with, collecting water at a community water source, and cleaning clothes in an overused creek. I was overwhelmed with the opportunity to witness and live (if only for a short time) the joy and rhythm of Haitian life. Immediately upon my arrival, I found myself immersed in Haitian culture; for this I am forever grateful. I was able to witness the dangers of idleness and feel the uncertainty of tomorrow that brews in the youth of Duchity. The residents of Haiti lack opportunities to better their situation, but VFP has joined forces with a local energetic resident to help establish an adult vocational school to empower the Duchity residents with trade-skills that can be used to earn income and better lives. Volunteers for Peace has a strong commitment to empowering local residents. They understand that meaningful help for a person, group, community, or nation must come from within that person, group, or nation. They embrace this concept fully. Their affiliation in Duchity, Haiti is helping to assure residents learn to help themselves. I was honored to have been a part of their exceptional program.

Teaching English in Desab, Haiti

November 4, 2015

My experience in Desab, Haiti was unforgettable. The work that we did was really effective and the interactions with the community were meaningful and productive. VFP projects are a great way to get an authentic experience while learning a lot about the people you are working with and the place where you are staying. Teaching English was so rewarding and through that work we were able to gain the trust and respect in the community that we needed to accomplish other things. If you have any interest in traveling to Haiti, I suggest going with Volunteers For Peace.

Summer School Counselor - Staff

November 4, 2015

Excellent chance to develop skills working on a variety of school related activities with children in a summer school program, such as teaching English and playing educational games. We had several opportunities to explore the local area outside of our daytime counseling duties. Kids were terrific. Locals were very helpful and made us feel very welcome. Also got involved in a 3 day building project at the end of my stay to contribute to the building of a new school in the Duchity area.

Haiti abroad

November 4, 2015

I had a fantastic time with VFP in Duchity and Port au Prince. I had amazing community experiences that didn't involve technology, and it changed my idea of what "fun" and "friendship" look like. I also felt like I made a difference in the village because I remember I taught the school I was at a a song and they would sing it all the time, and I got pretty close with a lot of the kids. It was a great experience

Volunteers for Peace, Haiti, Clean Water for LaVallee

November 4, 2015

Best program for real service that leaves a legacy and continues after you leave. Absolutely designed with both participants and residents in mind, working together. Meg Brook is fantastic and makes sure you are safe and fully integrated into the host culture as a gracious and grateful guest.

Summer Day Camp in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

February 21, 2014

I traveled to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti in July of 2013 to assist Haitian leaders in running a summer day camp for kids. The densely populated city offers no opportunity for kids during the summer, so hosting the day camp gave the kids something to do while allowing them to interact with people of other cultures. I was challenged by the language barrier. I do not speak Creole, although I learned a few conversational phrases by the end of my trip. Connecting with the kids without a common language became an enormous challenge, but we did it! Through games and activities, I played with the kids each day and created friendships that will impact me for the rest of my life. I lived comfortably at the Tchaka Inn, run by a local Haitian family that works directly with VFP. I felt like I became part of the family by the end of my project. I loved volunteering in Haiti and I would recommend a trip through VFP to anyone interested in challenging themselves through service to help others. I look forward to traveling back to Haiti someday and I hope to do another VFP project in the future!

My Dream Continues ...

February 12, 2014

this was my second trip to Haiti. Because of this trip that I made with the VFP, ,I will definitely return to Haiti. If I had had a bad experience, I probably would not have returned. I am so happy I went. The first thing I noticed even before leaving was that the AFP was organized and helpful and supportive. There was nothing I wondered about before leaving for Haiti. All of my questions and concerns were taken care of before my departure. accommodations a were better than I expected. The food was phenomenal. I cannot tell you how many different ways I ate race, beans, and outstanding sauces. The mangos we're out of this world.everyone was so friendly. We had 8 people in our group from the United States, Canada, and a Australia. We were a super group. Everyone work together, help each other, and supported each other. the culture we lived in was absorbed daily through our skin. Every minute we encountered new culture. Some easy to deal with. Some more difficult to deal with. I got to teach French during the week we were there. Now that was a cultural experience. Teaching is not the same as in the United States. And that doesn't mean that the Haitian way is less. It is just different. The children we lived with in Desab were smiling and happy and wanting to spend time with us. They were so cute and so happy. It reminded me of where we needed to be. I was very sad to leave Haiti. Next time I will know more Creole. I think that knowing a little bit of their language is important. People are right. Haiti changes people from the inside out.

Program Details

  • USD 500 - USD 750
  • No
  • Haiti: Jacmel

  • Adventure Types




    Heritage Tourism


    Soccer & Football


    Summer Camp



    Art & Fine Arts

    Camp Counselor & Trip Leader



    Environmental Management

    Environmental Studies

    Food Science & Nutrition


    Health Sciences


    International Relations

    Liberal Arts


    Social Sciences

    Social Work



    Sustainable Development

    Theater, Drama, & Dance





    Building & Construction Projects

    Childcare & Children

    Community Centers

    Community Development

    Computer Training

    Conflict Resolution



    Economic Development


    English Teaching



    Gender Issues

    Grassroots Organization

    Health Education


    Historic Preservation



    Organic Farming

    Public Health



    Renewable Energy

    Small Business Development



    Tree Planting


    Volunteer Management

    Water Projects


    Youth Development


  • Program Duration

    1-2 Weeks

    2-4 Weeks

    5-8 Weeks


    Year(s) Offered

    Please search our Volunteer Project List for specific programs and dates!

  • American


    This Program is also open to Families and Couples.

  • USD 500 - USD 750

  • Fees cover pick-up at the airport and transportation to and from Port au Prince (6+ hours by car) as well as meals, accommodation and leadership during the program. Volunteers are responsible for their own airfare. This project is open to parents traveling with their children.

  • Group living



  • Experience Required


  • Online Application

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