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Volunteer Teaching Program Morocco

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10/ 10

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My memorable time with kids

I volunteered for the Teaching English program in Morocco and the time I had there with the kids (especially of age 8-12) I felt I learned more from them than they from me. They are so eager to learn and have a huge interest in studies, I love to see their enthusiasm when I enter the class. However, it was not that easy for me to teach them as I don't know what they have learned by far and what I new I can teach them, so I have developed my own creative games to make learning interesting for them and I am completely amazed by their grasping power, which also makes me feel that if they get better learning opportunities in the future then, they have the capacity to do well in any field. My best wishes are always with them.

I don't get the opportunity to explore Morocco due to my budget constraint, but I have visited markets in Marrakesh and spent half of my budget in buying beautiful caps and scarfs from there. :p I am glad that I got a chance to stay with the host family instead of volunteer house so I got the opportunity to learn about their culture try some amazing food and their ethnic wear too. My host lady was so sweet, she took care of every little need of mine and I found my family in her. I am hoping to visit her and the kids soon in the future as 2 weeks are not enough to explore all of it, still I am glad I did it all alone and made the memories of life. :)

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