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Volunteer teaching in poorer schools in southern Thailand

Overall Rating

10/ 10

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I would go back in a heartbeat

Thank you so much to Ken and Sunny for providing us with such a wonderful experience! The detailed lesson plans and materials provided us with the confidence to make an impact in the lives of many school children. I would strongly recommend this programme to anyone looking to volunteer abroad as one's aid actually makes a tangible impact - since the programme follows the National Thai curriculum, each lesson holds value in the children's education as a whole. Furthermore, English is an incredibly valuable asset for these children as they have to pass the subject in order to go to university. Therefore at no point did I question my contribution and value as a volunteer; this is a programme that truly holds substance.

The programme is located in a beautiful part of the country where, on our free time, we were able to enjoy its nightlife and beautiful beaches. The people of Khao Lak are gracious and hospitable and contributed to our wonderful trip in that we were never short of a new experience.