Help local community in Sapa to preserve natural environment
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Help local community in Sapa to preserve natural environment

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My interest in volunteering overseas took me to Tavan village in Sapa where I completed the 'preserve natural resources and help communities' project over the course of seven days. Upon arrival, I was served three delicious local dishes of Vietnamese food which made me feel so welcomed and special. During the course of my stay I helped the family prepare these meals which was useful for me to see how they prepare traditional Vietnamese food and also great to give them some assistance in return for their hospitality.
One of the highlights of my stay was trekking with our guide who was a member of the family I was staying with. His local knowledge and experience allowed us to see a variety of incredible plants, species of animal and also spend time with a number if minority groups getting to know their way of life. The most important thing for me was to see the stunning landscapes that Sapa has to offer which were even more breathtaking in person as opposed to the pictures I had seen online. Witnessing the lush green mountains and fields was really dream come true, and I felt so privileged to have the opportunity to explore freely during my morning treks.
The local way of life is simplistic and natural with the day beginning with planting trees, picking fruits and vegetables and fishing to provide food for lunch. I gained a lot of respect for the traditional way of life in Sapa and although the community was poor compared to city life, everyone seemed happy and friendly.
Vina Volunteer Service were so helpful with organising my trip in terms of scheduling and transportation which was difficult for me as I don't speak any Vietnamese. After my trip I felt completely satisfied with how supportive and professional Vina Volunteer Service were on the lead up to and during my stay, and I will definitely return to them the next time I choose to take part in a project like this again.