Volunteer in Costa Rica in a Day Care Center
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Volunteer in Costa Rica in a Day Care Center

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10/ 10

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The best way to find yourself is to loose yourself in the service of others!

I couldn't help but to feel nervous and excited whilst waiting for my passport to be stamped at San Jose airport. I soon saw Gabi once I walked out with a huge smile and an also huge sign that said avic, my portal to an amazing experience I had yet to experience.

I was warmly welcomed in the house by the three who were already there and to my surprise and happiness two of them were Spanish. We soon got together and became a small family and very good friends. One of them had to be fare welled the day after my arrival and we said see you later with a great Spanish homemade lunch and an extremely fun night out.

The small town of San Ramon has an amazing beauty to it, small houses, beautiful church, warm people and big hearts. I soon managed my way around it after a brief introduction with Gabi and could not wait for my first day at the project.

Pure nature and back to basics would describe how every 'tico' lives in Costa Rica. There is an extremely powerful energy to this country that is spread around and within people.

I was escorted by Eric to my project through a bus ride and a small half hour hike up hill to a village up in the mountains of San Miguel area. I soon met Felipe, the dad and Maria Auxiliadora, the mom when I was hypnotized by the energy and beauty of Abril their soon to be 6 year old daughter.

I would have never hoped to find a better family. We rapidly connected and got comfortable with each other as the days went by. I was eager to help and for some reason enjoy digging trenches hahaha so I was in my own little world. After two weeks with them I learned about their situation, the reason behind they applied for this government funded house, the story behind their young lives, organized a birthday party for Abril, stayed for dinner couple days, helped taking their goats out to the field and fed their chickens...

I have again grounded my feet and broken a little piece of my heart to be forever kept here in Costa Rica with them. I have felt like a family member, laughed and cried with them. Have suffered through sun, wind and rain in the construction site and learned how simple it is to be happy.
The way I see it, you give a smile and you gain hope, love and kindness.

Aside from the project I really enjoyed the weekends In the country, I visited many sites and met the most beautiful and charming people, I had loads of fun along the way and made a very good friend for life whom I met in the dorm when I arrived, Carmen.

I can write adventures from Arenal volcano, Monteverde selvatura park with its sky bridges and tall zip lines, a focus tree I climbed from the inside, Playa Coco in Guanacaste, Tortuguero and it's quiet beauty. I am blessed with whom I have met along the way and whom will remain in my heart forever. Planning a trip back in September and happy to live the pura vida style ticos embrace.