USAC SCOTLAND: St. Andrews - Full Curriculum
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USAC SCOTLAND: St. Andrews - Full Curriculum

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9/ 10

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Bursting 'the bubble'

St. Andrews, Scotland is called The Bubble because of its location. It a tiny, 3 main street university town with a lot of things to do within and around St. Andrews. The curriculum and academics in St. Andrews were beyond phenomenal. Professors immersed themselves in the topic and had a passion for what they were discussing. The food was exceptional. There were so many options and many of them were local. The accommodations, pricey, but well worth it. I loved living in David Russel Apartments because despite the 30 minute walk to the plaza, it was a beautiful walk and the apartments were quiet enough to study in. St. Andrews is an amazing town, not only because of its outstanding university but also because of the traditions that you inherit when you become a student. I was living and studying in a place with over 600 years of history and many weird, but amusing, traditions to follow. It was also relatively easy to get to other cities or countries from St. Andrews, too.