USAC JAPAN: Nagasaki - Japanese Language, Society & Culture
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USAC JAPAN: Nagasaki - Japanese Language, Society & Culture

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Nagasaki- the path less traveled

Nagasaki is a great place to study abroad if you want to really be immersed in the culture and have an authentic experience. Nagasaki is located in a mountainous area where the transportation is not as developed as other parts of Japan so traveling out of the city is more difficult than if you were in one of the other locations in Japan. That being said, I took this as a benefit. I rarely saw another foreigner besides the other students in my program since not a lot of people travel there. I also had a lot of history since it was the port the first foreigners entered and because of this, there are a lot of local sites you can see, such as Glover Gardens, Chinatown, and Dejima; where foreigners lived, and there is much more to see. Christianity was also introduced here so you can see churches and also Christian shrines which you can't see anywhere else! This also led to the Obon festival in Nagasaki to be the largest in Japan due to the Christians celebrating this Buddhist custom to a higher level to try to cover up that they were Christians. This can be seen with the huge boats that are used in the parade and the extensive use of fireworks.

I would highly recommend doing a homestay. I got to travel with my family and eat amazing food I couldn't get anywhere else. My fondest memories were with my host family.

The academics were not challenging and were pretty easy for me with a small workload, but I also come from a more rigorous university and major than a lot of the other students who found some classes to be more difficult and had more homework than they were used to, so it really depends on what you are used to at your university.

  • University Studies Abroad Consortium responded to this review June 21, 2017 at 1:11 PM

    Thank you for the great review, we appreciate your feedback on the program and are glad you had a good time in Nagasaki!