USAC JAPAN: Hiroshima - Full Curriculum
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USAC JAPAN: Hiroshima - Full Curriculum

Overall Rating

10/ 10

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I wish I was back in Hiroshima

It is a well put together program that prioritizes the teaching of the Japanese language and education. The area around the university is called Saijo, which is a somewhat rural area where it is quiet and a lot of studying can be done. Although the dorms are a little old and dirty, for the price of about sixty five dollars per month, it really wasn't bad. The program site allows easy access to trains and the ability to travel through Japan at one's free will. I went to Miyajima and Matsuyama which are both fairly close and cheap to get to. The staff is always there, ready to help, and will even shoot an occasional text of, "hey how's it going or remember to do this." The classes were so well run that it improved the way I study and the love I have for the Japanese language. The people on campus are incredibly nice and welcoming to foreigners and even will go out of their way to help you in a time of need. Overall, despite the living or the lack of home stay options, this program is still an A+ for me and probably for anyone who values learning the language.

Living Situation:
It's not the cleanest of living situations but I gave it a B+ because I feel that more time should be spent outside dorms rather than inside.

Cultural Immersion:
I wish there were more field trips, more home stay opportunities.... I wish you could even do home stay in this program.

Health and Safety:
The safety in Japan is ridiculous. I never felt sketched out or fearful of things being taken. I actually lost an expensive item and had it returned in a week. That wouldn't happen in the US.