UCFB Study Abroad Semester at Wembley Stadium, London
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UCFB Study Abroad Semester at Wembley Stadium, London

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10/ 10

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Studying at the best stadium in the world

I've chosen to study at UCFB because I've a genuine passion for sports, especially football. UCFB offers the perfect education to start your career in the sports industry. I was able to create an international network, which will definitely help me in my future career.
Also, a dream came true for me to study at a world class football stadium. Every single day, I overlooked the pitch of the iconic Wembley Stadium and got reminded why I want to work in the football industry.
Every week an expert from the sports industry ("Guest speaker series") came to us students and gave us valuable advice for our future career. Also, it was a good opportunity to network with people within the sports industry. Apart from the regular courses, UCFB offers a large range of different, additional courses like language classes, sales courses and many more. The highlight was definitely the Strategic & Leadership Management Games with Neil Doncaster, the CEO of the SPFL.
I can highly recommend to come to UCFB and make your first step into the world of sports.