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Accounting Manager


Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Assuit University in June 1997.

Employment History:

01/2015 – Present Fiscal Manager at County of Riverside Department of Public Social Services Fiscal – Management Reporting Unit – California - USA.

08/2012 – 01/2015 Principal Accountant at County of Riverside Department of Public Social Services Fiscal – Management Reporting Unit – California - USA.

08/2011 – 08/2012 Administrative Analyst at County of Riverside Department of Public Social Services Fiscal – Management Reporting Unit – California - USA.

04/2008 – 08/2011 Senior Accountant at County of Riverside Department of Public Social Services Fiscal - Management Reporting Unit – California - USA.

04/2006 – 04/2008 Accountant II at County of Riverside Department of Public Social Services -
Fiscal - Management Reporting Unit – California - USA.

Experience includes:

Supervisor of three (3) direct professional staff and twenty (20) indirect accountant staff. Prepare quarterly financial report to the County’s Board of Supervisors to demonstrate the financial status of the various social services programs. Prepare and discuss staff annual evaluations in the Learning Management System (LMS). Establish weekly and monthly staff meetings to discuss program changes, policies and procedures, department updates and other related issues. Ensures that deadlines are met for assigned projects, including those related to C-IV and Assistance Claim requests and analysis, State and CWDA inquiries, Program requests, claiming, budgeting, projections, time study processing, and trend analysis. Verifies that work and results of analysis completed by staff are valid and accurate. All changes affecting the data and any outside impacts have been accounted for and taken into consideration. Prepare, monitor and analyze Departmental Budget to Actual Plan Expenditure Reports, which include Budget Plan (BP)–County Expense Claim (CEC) expenditure allocation, Cost Detail (CDR) Program Code Table, CDR file extract, CDR to CEC reconciliation, BP file development, BP addendum and BP to YTD actual Reports. Monitor on-going expenditures and performance against departmental budget and allocations. Prepare, review and analyze Departmental Time Study (TS) data and staffing levels for various programs such as California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (Cal Works), Welfare To Work (WTW), Child Care, CalFresh, Child Welfare Service (CWS), In-home Supportive Service (IHSS), Adult Protective Service (APS), Foster Care, Adoptions, and other programs. Prepare, review and analyze Time Study reporting such as Funded Full Time Equivalent (FTE) by Program Division, TS code, FTE funding, Quarterly TS-FTE, Org structure, Program staff activities & functions analysis, Quarterly TS Summary and Bi-Weekly FTE Reports. Review and analyze Time Study Code related activity and funding factors. Assist in the distribution and data input of Quarterly Time studies as needed. Obtain financial data, caseload and expenditure information from CWS CMS, TS02, Oasis Financials, Cost Detail (CDR), Case Management Information System (CMIPS), C-IV, CWDA, and other sources for review and analysis.

Experience includes Continued:

Prepare and analyze Executive Office quarterly projections and expenditures and make recommendations as appropriate. Assist the department in the annual budget preparations which include preparation and analyze of program cost components and funding factors. Review and analyze Governor’s proposed budget and provide program budget impact. Review Federal, State and County policies and procedures and provide fiscal impact. Search State, Federal and other internet websites to analyze the fiscal impact of new or existing Federal, State, County, or department reporting requirements, regulatory changes, pending legislation, and program policy changes. Review, interpret and disseminate the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) Letters and Notices such as All County Letter’s (ACL), All County Information notices (ACIN), County Fiscal Letters (CFL) and memorandums into program processes and procedures. Review and validate Realignment revenue caseload growth State calculation for the Assistance claims. Provide on demand analysis for budget proposals, Individual Providers negotiations, proposed program changes, and various other items. Prepare and analyze program monthly projections. Prepare Monthly Claims for Reimbursement for IHSS Contractor Expenditures. Review, track and analyze monthly Individual Provider (IP) billings for Payroll, Payroll taxes, CMIPS and Worker Compensation. Prepare Quarterly County Expense Claim PIN Reports including Data Warehouse and Oasis reconciliation reports. Prepare and analyze quarterly program case count reports. Prepare Monthly Management IHSS Expenditure and Funding Report. Process Journal Entries in PeopleSoft system as needed. Prepare Annual Program Client Services budgets utilizing input from Program Management, historical data, and proposed/new legislation. Review, chart filed approve and monitor contracts and Form 11’s. Prepare and update program narratives and historical data for analytical and management use. Prepare request letters to the State for any changes in Contract or Individual Provider Rates. Prepare State letters for IHSS contract and IP related issues. Interact with Program Management to gather and evaluate pending changes to programs. Attend all administrative, technical training, and monthly accounting and year-end meetings as needed. Participate in review of Request for Quotes (RFP), pre-bid meetings and RFP process including scoring/ranking for contract implementation. Participate in Programs and Contract Monitoring. Prepare and Maintain Program Monitoring Guideline and procedures. Monitor, track, and FSOA appropriation 2, appropriation 3, and salary & Benefits for all Seniors Against Investment Fraud (SAIF) grant. Prepare claim and supporting documentation for reimbursement on State Grants for APS CARE. Gather Time study data and direct costs monthly for APS CARE grants for reporting to CARE Regional Manager. Prepare monthly Emergency Shelter Care report and submit to program staff. Research Purchase Order/invoice issues and insure that program expenditures are recorded in appropriate budget year. Preparation of Purchase order requests for contracts/purchasing. Prepare and submit monthly 830A report to program management for use planning meetings. Monitor and track CDSS contract for employee on loan with the State including monthly invoice preparation for submission to the State, budget modifications and monitoring, and time sheet tracking. Prepare IHSS monthly mock claim for the Revenue unit. Monitor and track IHSS Exclusive Care invoices, IP Co-Pay, SOC 448 benefit reimbursements. Review and approve monthly IHSS IP Exclusive Care invoice including Journal Entry processing, notification to IHSS PA/Co HR/Revenue Unit, and recording data on IHSS Benefit tracking worksheet. Record UDWA payments on IHSS Benefit tracking worksheet and prepare worksheet for submission to IHSS-PA management. Analyze IHSS IP Health Benefits enrollment and provide County impact and make recommendations. Update IHSS Advisory Committee program expenditures and prepare presentation to update Committee quarterly on fiscal year budget/allocation, expenditures to date, balance remaining includes preparation of presentation and materials for approval of New Year budget, budget modifications, and other issues. Preparation of requests for budget transfers to utilize and maximize program funding. Complete financial data for program position requests. Review various SOC 242 and ABD216 district reports for accuracy, compliance, and reconciliation of one claim on behalf of the County. Schedule meetings with Adult management staff to discuss issues with SOC242 and ABD216 reports district or County reports. Prepare Monthly SOC 242 and ABD 216 APS and CSBG Statistical Reports.

11/2001 – 03/2006 Accountant Trainee at County of Riverside Waste Management Department

Experience includes the following tasks:

General Accounting and Reporting: Preparation and analysis of the year-end package. Preparation of Statements of Revenues, Expenses and Changes in Net Assets. Preparation and analysis of depreciation reasonableness test. Preparation and analysis of adjusting and closing entries.

Experience includes Continued:

Preparation and analysis of comparatives – assets, liability and change of net assets. Preparation of the quarterly financial statements. Preparation of the equity rollforward.

Payroll: An excellent knowledge of PeopleSoft time and labor, improve the accuracy of payroll of 240 employees, prepare several reports and create several spreadsheets in order to assure the accuracy of payroll. Successfully trained one Accounting Assistant to prepare the PeopleSoft attendance report and prepare related payroll records and reconciliations. Developed clear and thorough written procedures for payroll processing, created several queries. Assess accuracy and reasonableness of amounts charged to each account, program and class for payroll. Monitor, reconcile and analyze activity in the appropriation one accounts.

Revenue: Prepare the monthly revenue distribution spreadsheets. Prepare revenue journal entry. Prepare several excel spreadsheets and documents to assure the accuracy and to transfer the monies to the proper agency or fund.

Accounts Payable and Receivables: Chart field approval. Purchase orders buyer. Perform a variety of other accounting duties using Oasis Financials.

Capital Assets: Responsible for the Capital Assets for the Department. Review assets vouchers and enter to the Asset Management Module. Balance the Appropriation 4 with the Asset Module. Review assets descriptions in the Asset Management Module to assure consistent coding. Reconcile beginning + additions /deletions /adjustments to the Asset Management Module. Submit asset adjustments, transfers, corrections, and other transactions to the Auditor Controller for processing in the Asset Management. Review, analyze, and monitor physical assets records including book, category, transaction date, accounting date, and useful life. Analyze, adjust, and post journal errors created from the Asset Management Module and prepare manual journals as necessary. Obtain department land, buildings, equipment and construction project documentation, prepare work papers and maintain records. Monitor, reconcile and analyze Appropriation 4 capital expenditures. Monitor, reconcile and analyze appropriation 3 accounts. Create excel spreadsheets for construction in progress and enter to correct category in the Asset Management Module upon completion. Prepare the Rollforward and calculate the accumulation depreciation through excel spreadsheets to assure the accuracy of the Assets Management Module. Coordinate with PeopleSoft OASIS staff and Auditor Controller staff on various capital assets system related issues. Reconcile the GL to the Asset Management Module. Create AM queries and reports. Prepare year-end department capital asset physical inventory certification package. Prepare year-end capital asset reconciliation.

11/2000 – 11/2001 Accounting Assistant II at County of Riverside Waste Management Department

Experience included check for ticket errors, balance bank deposits, classify vehicles and refuse types to determine proper charges, collect fees from customers, prepare daily deposit for accounts receivable, enter payroll into TAPA, balance 6 payroll reports, and create several spreadsheets in Excel.

02/1999 – 11/2000 Manager at Antonious Pizza

All aspects of managing the restaurant, including inventory, ordered store supplies, payroll personnel, and all accounting work

07/1997 – 01/1999 Assistant Manager at Solimon Travel Agency

Accounting work included accounts payable, accounts receivable, preparation of detailed transportation leases, and maintaining financial ledgers.

Additional Skills and Comments:

In Addition to my experience and abilities in the field of accounting and office management, I am a US/Egyptian Citizen and I have developed very good customer service skills. I am a quick learner, a team player, honest, dependable, responsible, enthusiastic about new challenges, competent in the use of Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, strong written and verbal communication skills, detail-oriented, self-starter able to work with minimal guidance or supervision, strong interpersonal and organizational skills, strong analytical skills, ability to adapt to unexpected changes in planned tasks and ability to work under pressure and meet critical deadlines.