International Internship in Belize Program
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International Internship in Belize Program

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Toucan Education Program Global Service Learning Pilot - Belize 2017

The time I spent in Belize working with Toucan Education Programs (TEP) was a truly immersive experience and one that I would recommend to any motivated student who is looking for a highly individualized yet community oriented opportunity. This program, created by founder/CEO Rhondine Petrof, not only allows for exponential growth in an academic sense but also works to challenge currently held positionalities that contribute to an individual's identity. This intentional reciprocity between student and study creates space for the practice of introspection. Correspondingly the development of self-confidence is later met when planning, conducting and presenting exploratory research.

I am forever grateful for the efforts of TEP and to the individuals I have had the privilege to share these memories with. The experience has allowed me a deeper grasp of varying intersectionalities within public health and gender roles, comfortability in realizing that as I continuously face new situations, I will be discovering new facets of who I am, and to above all else trust that I am capable.

Also important to mention, the staff of TEP including Rhondine was there for me when I was experiencing health concerns. This comfort and commitment to ensuring I was okay for the remainder of the trip truly helped me feel safe, secure, and relaxed. Their actions helped me overcome small challenges that allowed me to quickly bounce back and enjoy the experience.

  • Toucan Education Programs (TEP) responded to this review September 22, 2017 at 11:09 AM

    Hello Sara,

    Huge thanks for your review. We value your feedback and support.