The Fuller Center for Housing Program Opportunities


Nicaragua: Building/Construction Volunteer Program

Journey to the Central American country of Nicaragua on a Building and Construction volunteering program with The Fuller Center for Housing and assist the organization build...

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Global Builders Peru: Building Alongside Locals

Peru is a country where 44 percent of its people live below the poverty line and over 70 percent of the rural population live in homes with dirt floors. The Fuller Center...

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Global Builders - Haiti: Build Alongside Locals

Participants will have the unique opportunity to work side by side with the homeowners and other locals to build new homes. In addition to providing safe housing, these trips...

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Papua New Guinea

Global Builders - Papua New Guinea: Build Alongside Locals

Make a difference in the lives of local families in Papua New Guinea, a culturally diverse country with a whopping over 800 different languages spoken! One of the world’s...

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Global Builders - Thailand: Build Alongside Locals

Spend 1-2 weeks immersing yourself in the exotic, tropical, and friendly country of Thailand! Experience a new culture as you work side-by-side with local families to help...

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Global Builders Trip to India

India is home to 170 million people who live in slum conditions which is roughly 17 percent of the world's slum dwellers. The Fuller Center is building safe, decent, and

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Sri Lanka

Global Builders Trip to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country that had been ravaged by a brutal civil war from the early 1980s to May of 2009 as well as a tsunami in 2004. Both events have destroyed lives, homes,...

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El Salvador

Global Builders - El Salvador: Work Alongside Locals

Take Global Builder trips to El Salvador, which is just a short and affordable flight from the US. You can help build homes with local families, learn about El Salvador,

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Global Builders Trip to Armenia

About 65,000 families are in need of housing in Armenia, with many living in metal shipping containers or living in the basements of half-built houses due to not being able...

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Global Builders - Nepal: Build Homes With Locals

Global Builders teams will work in the village of Trishuli, about 50 miles north of bustling Kathmandu. Set in the Himalayan foothills with the world’s tallest mountains...

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