Italy: Language and Culture Traditions
The Experiment in International Living participants with a local The Experiment in International Living participants with a local

Italy: Language and Culture Traditions

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An Italian getaway with a purpose

If you told me a year ago that I'd get a chance to go to a foreign country before I'd even graduate from high school, I'd think you were pulling my leg. My name is Matthew Cardoza. Currently, I'm a high school senior who this past summer took one of the biggest opportunities of my life by going on this month long program, which took myself and 14 other high schoolers from all over the U.S. and the world to a country, in this case Italy, to learn about its culture and communities. The leaders of my group were very experienced in Italian language and took us through five different locations, which were Rome, Cortona, Cosenza, Asti, and Venice. Some of the places had little day trips to places like Florence, Tropea, and Torino mixed in their to further increase our places to visit. The other students who I was with not only were a collection of awesome people of varying backgrounds, they inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and made even the difficult times better for me! A huge part of the trip was getting introduced to an actual Italian family and living with them for nine days. While there, I had to utilize my Italian skills and my social skills when I had to interact with the family and all their friends. This was challenging at first due to awkwardness and lack of fluent Italian speaking, but soon I got the hang of it and even spoke fluently in a speech dedicated to them at the final dinner with all the families! Overall, I had an amazing journey with this program and the people who went on it with me, and I now have the ability to use this experience as an excellent thing to remember and to tell to other people!