Costa Rica: Biodiversity, Ecology & Sustainability
The Experiment in International Living participants with a local The Experiment in International Living participants with a local

Costa Rica: Biodiversity, Ecology & Sustainability

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Alumni Review of Costa Rica: Biodiversity, Sustainability, and Economics

As a student who has never ventured outside of the United States, I can say that without a doubt Experiment in International Living's overseas programs have provided me with one of the most inspirational and educational experiences of my life. Each of the different programs focuses on a theme that is well integrated throughout the program alongside exciting activities, informational tours, and life changing home stays. From the moment I arrived at the airport, the group leaders and members all worked to create a safe community among themselves and allowed for the other high school students and me to connect with not only each other but with people of different languages and cultures. The trips are detailed so that in everything you do you are enlightened about the world you are in and the ways of living of other people. Whether you are doing a home stay or simply participating in a tour, you are constantly learning something new while also having fun experiencing the adventure with other students around your age. Though most people come having fears about going overseas, most end up having more fear having to leave the overseas communities that they have grown accustomed to after experiencing their way of life and learning so much. After returning from my own trip I have worked to raise awareness of the program in my high school and even helped some students apply because I believe that without a shadow of a doubt that the lessons I learned from participating were life-changing and not things that can be learned in a classroom. I strongly recommend The Experiment in International Living's programs to any high school looking to widen their knowledge of the world outside of the United States and truly come to understand just how similar they are to young adults their age in other countries.
Omar Hargrove

  • The Experiment in International Living responded to this review December 18, 2014 at 11:35 AM

    "Constantly learning while having fun" sounds like a traditional Experiment program! glad you enjoyed Costa Rica! :)
    -The Experiment