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TEAN: Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees in Australia & NZ

Overall Rating

10/ 10

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5 Islands, 3 Countries, 10 Pounds, & No regrets

The Education Abroad Network (TEAN) goes above and beyond what you would expect out of a study abroad program. It was the small things like bringing us to a Rugby game during the semester, or sending us events from city we lived in for each month, or just grabbing a coffee with us to chat about everything that was happening that really made them stand out as an awesome program. Knowing they were available by call, text, or email at any time of the day if we needed anything was the reassurance I needed to go and have fun, experience new things, and take chances because I knew TEAN always had my back.
New Zealand is a very outdoorsy country, and TEAN knew exactly how to get us used to that by having orientation for four days in Fiji on a remote island. What better way to get to know everyone in the program and get used to living and doing outdoorsy activities than in Fiji?!
Hand downs I would go back to New Zealand with TEAN immediately with any chance I was given!