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TEAN: Thailand and Vietnam Semester

Overall Rating

10/ 10

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A Life Changing Experience; Can't Recommend Highly Enough

I was at first a little hesitant to study abroad in such an "unconventional" program, but I'm really glad I did. TEAN's orientation in Chiang Mai was incredibly helpful in getting used to Thailand and for bonding with classmates. Additionally, staying in a rural Thai village for a few days was a cultural eyeopener. In Chiang Mai, we lived in a beautiful off-campus dorm with local students, one of my favorite parts of the program. Classes at Chiang Mai University were both challenging and interesting and really helped us to obtain a better grasp on the country we found ourselves in. The Thai language course was especially helpful, and allowed us to get much more than the typical tourist experience. The few cultural and scenic excursions we went on were similarly helpful in immersing us in the country. The entire time, TEAN staff were ready to help out with problems or just grab a meal.

In Vietnam, the 3 students lived in the same building but each had their own apartment with a private bathroom. Hoa Sen University was about 30 minutes by foot or 15 by taxi (in crazy Ho Chi Minh City traffic). The classes there were similarly interesting, and again, Vietnamese language really helped to immerse us in the culture. The in-country staff, Than, was always eager to help us out or just talk, and we often had meals with him.

Thailand and Vietnam having completely different cultures provided for an incredibly interesting experience I would encourage anyone curious in the region to explore! I cannot recommend TEAN's program enough!