The Aegean Center for the Fine Arts participants The Aegean Center for the Fine Arts participants

Craft of Watercolor Summer Workshop

Overall Rating

10/ 10

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A great summer experience

This was a wonderful course. The professor, Jun-Pierre Shiozawa is a talented artist, proficient in the art of watercolor. He shared everything he knew with our intimate class of 5. Though we all came to the table with differing backgrounds in art, the size of the class allowed for Jun to give us all personal attention.

Class days would typically consists of learning technique in the classroom in the morning before a break during the hottest hours of the day (easily enough time for a quick dip in the Aegean and a bite of lunch), and an excursion to a different beautiful location to paint each day. Jun and the school have great friends and connections on the island, and the class gained the full benefit of that as we were able to visit beautiful private gardens and studios and meet some wonderful locals living on the island.

The food on the island is wonderful, with breakfast included at a local café located on the walk to school and on the main street under a welcoming tree. Studios were minimal and clean, located in a flower-planted hotel with a welcoming courtyard. The studio kitchen allowed me to cook simple meals, typically consisting of some local cheese, veggies, bread, and meat. The school itself is housed in an historically significant and beautifully renovated neoclassical building.

I went in to the course having never painted before and came out much more confident in my ability to sketch and watercolor. I can't recommend this program enough!