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Sustainable Bolivia

Sustainable Bolivia is a nonprofit community of 32 partner organizations in Cochabamba, Bolivia. We aim to procure much-needed manpower and financial resources for our partners, while providing international students and professionals access to international educational opportunities and practical work experience. We work closely with the community of Cochabamba, connecting volunteers with locally run initiatives addressing a wide range of social issues. We act as intermediary to these smaller projects and help facilitate volunteer placements in positions based on skills. By working closely with the community, volunteers and interns will make a positive difference in the lives of the people of Cochabamba and surrounding areas. Opportunities include contributing to the development and implementation of one of Sustainable Bolivia's projects, or placement within one of its partner nonprofits.

Sustainable Bolivia Programs

Intern Abroad with CADEPIA

Intern with CADEPIA, an organization that provides credit and consultancy to micro, small, and medium businesses in Bolivia. Services it provides include loans of up to USD 4000, training programs in business, marketing and commercialization, and business consultancy. This ...

Intern with Sustainable Bolivia and CECAM

The Center for Multidisciplinary Training and Advising, or CECAM, is a nonprofit foundation promoting human rights by initiating social and ecological projects in underprivileged communities in Cochabamba, Bolivia. The center uses educational programs, training, and workshops to ...

Intern with Sustainable Bolivia and IDEI

IDEI was founded in 1980s by a group of Social Science and Law professionals who were engaged in legal and sociopolitical research projects at the San Simon University in Cochabamba, Bolivia. As a result of their passion for Political Science, Law, and International Relations, ...

Intern with Sustainable Bolivia and Infante

Infante’s main goal is to support victims of domestic and sexual violence in Bolivia. It also works to protect young people who are vulnerable to abuse and trafficking. Projects aim to support youth at risk of abandonment, devise adoption schemes, and implement campaigns against ...

Intern with Sustainable Bolivia and Mosoj Yan

Mosoj Yan, which means ‘new road’ in Quechua, works with the goal of assisting young women and girls working on the streets of Cochabamba, Bolivia. Interns have the chance to provide educational support, develop and implement workshops, maintain and increase cooperation with ...

Intern with Sustainable Bolivia and Movimiento Sonrisa

The Movimiento Sonrisa was founded by Bolivian high school students who saw the need to assist children from poor backgrounds staying in Cochabamba's main public hospital, often lacking emotional support and funds to pay for their medical care. It includes a team of volunteers ...

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