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Latin American Culture & Spanish Language

The purpose of the Northern Illinois University Latin American Culture and Spanish Language program is to provide participants with the opportunity to incorporate study abroad...

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International Business Seminar in Europe (Graduate Focused)

Students can participate in a Graduate-focused International Business Seminar in Italy through Northern Illinois Universitys study abroad program. They get the chance to...

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Ireland: Exploring Ireland's Community and Mental Health Services

Northern Illinois University offers students the chance to explore the community psychiatric and mental health care services in Ireland. The program gives Health Studies

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Health Studies in Belize

The College of Health and Humans Sciences offers an academic program that was created in response to the increasing importance of international health. Students with an interest...

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NIU at Oxford (Oriel College)

The Northern Illinois University presents its 45th annual summer program held at Oxford in partnership with Oriel College. Courses are offered on both the undergraduate and...

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Russia: Theatre and Performace Studies at the Moscow Art Theatre

Development will also be enhanced by attending performances in a variety of Moscow theatres as well as meeting with a number of prominent Russian theatre artists. Russia's...

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Study Conservation Biology in Madagascar - Past and Present

Broaden your knowledge in the field of Biology and Primatology with Northern Illinois University. Madagascar offers a massive exotic biodiversity of existing and extinct

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Deutschland Heute – Facets of Contemporary German

This program is a unique opportunity to improve participants understanding and speaking skills by requiring them to ready, write, speak listen and understand the target language...

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Study Abroad in Laos

During the five week-long program administered by the Center for Lao Studies (CLS), students will partake in language and cultural lessons at the Lao-American College (LAC),...

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