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Work Program in the UK

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Working here, I have been more confident with my skills

I had my first experience studying abroad when I was 11 in Malta. My parents sent me there in order to help me become more confident with English and also to become more independent. I had also other experiences with studying abroad in the UL when I got older, but the one I’m currently doing is the one that I most enjoyed. It might be because now I’m more confident with English that I found my balance between having independence, working and studying. I always dreamed about studying abroad and build a new life only by myself. Study abroad changes you in every part of your life, you will be more confident with the other languages, the other countries, the other people and also with yourself. It is a really good way for you to find out what you want from your future!

In my opinion language learning and cultural immersion are necessary for everyone’s personal growing. Learning another language means changing totally your ordinary mind schemes and prepare your brain to be more active and flexible with everyday life.

A cultural immersion in a country that is not yours helps you to open your mind and to understand how people can be different and equal at the same time. I would personally suggest to everyone to take a flight and do an experience abroad!!

Student Works’ aim is to help students and professionals who are looking to come in the UK. We can help them with accommodation, English courses, work experiences, University courses…

When I first came here I had a lot of problems with finding a place to stay, a job and the worst thing was that I was completely alone in another country, without family and my friends. I love my current job because now I can help people who have got the same issue that I had. I always feel satisfied when someone who we helped comes to me saying that he never felt alone because of us and that he’s really happy because of our services. Our company give a service FREE of charge and we are proud to say that what makes us unique is our way of working closely with our customers. We support them with every issue that they might have in the UK. If you’re going to leave for a new country alone, you will feel better if you know that someone will; be there any time for help you, won’t you?!

From when I worked here I really feel changed in every way of my being. I’m feeling proud of my work for Student Works and I love hearing good feedback from my students. Working here, I have been more confident with my skills, I realized that I really have satisfaction from help people to reach their career aims.

Once you have the knowledge of your abilities and you’re happy with your job, you will be a better person with your colleagues, with your friends and with your customers!!