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Complete an internship in the United Kingdom through Student Works. This is an ideal program if you are scholarship student wishing to make the most out of your stay abroad while developing crucial work skills. To be eligible for our internships, basic English skills are essential.

We offer this program to cover most areas of studies, such as:



Business development




Customer service

… and many more!

Upon program completion, you will earn a certificate as proof of your participation. You can use it as reference for future employment opportunities.

Program Highlights

Boost your career prospects by undertaking an internship in the United Kingdom.

Interact with locals and international students during your internship.

Discover rich British culture, traditions, and customs.

Visit interesting and cultural places, such as the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and Neolithic Stonehenge, among others.

Get the chance to transition to a real job in the UK after completing your internship.

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Program Reviews

Most Recent

I'm grateful for this experience

- Spain

July 12, 2017

I studied abroad a couple of times before, one in Ireland and another in England. I was abroad because it is the optimal way to learn a language and allow me the chance to know another culture firsthand. It is also an opportunity to develop skills and get experience and make friends around the world while you are abroad. Moreover it give you a worldview and let you the chance to break with the academic routine and enhance the employment opportunities and no less enhance the value of your degree.

Everybody knows that English and Spanish are two of the most important languages in the world, English for his practicality on business considering that in any company when they need to contact with a foreign company they need to speak English. On the other hand the Spanish language is one of the most native speakers you can find in the world. Nowadays speak those languages is very helpful but in the future I think that English language will not have the same impact that these days owing to English language will be a language that everybody in everywhere will know from the child period in the school as their own language, consequently the English from my point of view will not be more a language with which one the people make the same profits than these days.

This experience is important because it is not the same as the common knowledge suggest that lifestyle and culture are different in other countries, unless you spend a few days in the place. Furthermore if you want to know exactly hot it is to speak this language everyday and interact with those people you have to be there and live this experience. If besides you have a work experience there is better due to you have to manage some situation that you are not going to have there if you are only studying. Apart from that I would like to work a few years in a foreign country and this experience is really helpful to me to know if I can handle me in a work environment and for the next future companies that I have been work in an english firm.

I always wanted to learn Russian or Chinese for a couple of reasons. First of all those language are spoken in two countries with a great development in the future as south American countries because is complicated for the rest of the world speak those language considering that they have a different alphabet and sounds. Secondly if you know one of those language you can be really important for the enterprise in the future and you will be essential for this firm and all of this will you open several markets that other people cannot reach.

In this internship I have learnt a lot and I did different tasks

- Italy

June 28, 2017

At Student works my daily tasks are related with accommodation field. I am responsible for the accommodation list, contacting landlords, planning viewing… In this internship I have learnt a lot and I did different tasks.
I think that working in a team and customer care are the two main factors in being a successful company. Here at Student works I felt part of this team and I learnt how to deal with customers to make them feel good.
I have always wanted to go to New Zealand because of its stunning landscapes and going there would mean the opportunity to visit an amazing country.

I feel a lot more self confident

- Germany

June 27, 2017

Thanks to the internship, I feel a lot more self confident because I needed to do tasks on my own. I am also more confident talking to customers face to face.

I have always wanted to learn Italian and after hearing that language (besides many others) every day during the week, I am really interested in learning it!

Every single time I picked up the office phone for answering a call or a message from a customer, it really hit me: You are part of that team! And being able to work with such a great team was just great.

It has been really helpful for my future career

- France

June 27, 2017

I was an intern in Studentworks during 2 weeks and I was charged to marketing tasks and to promote the company on Social Networks. I spoke with French people and help them find what they wanted, for instance accommodations, jobs, lessons. That was my first work experience and it has been really helpful for my future career.

A little of my background is that I’ve been studying abroad for short time. Like during each summer since I was 14, I have been abroad for 2 weeks only. But it’s really important for me to go abroad alone because I think it’s the best way to become open-minded.

I personally think that develop the “industry” of international education can be more and more helpful for students because nowadays, employers are expecting for this kind of experience and it is just a huge opportunity to discover the world and to open yourself to other countries. I think that in 10 years, you will have to study abroad almost every time.

I personally want to visit Asian countries because I have never seen this kind of culture and it seems to be totally different than western countries. I admired the architecture of their buildings and their different beliefs. I would love to go in Vietnam and Thailand, also to discover amazing landscapes.

I guess my favourite travelling experience would be Zanzibar (Tanzania), because life is completely different than in France. People seem happy whereas they have nothing, just a small dirty house.
Conversely in France, even if you have all the wealth that you want, people don’t seem happy. That’s amazing to see people with nothing live better than us.

This month helped me to grow and to learn

- United Kingdom

June 22, 2017

Surely this month helped me to grow and to learn. Now I am aware about responsibilities, now I know how to deal with different people and I know how to behave in a work environment. There was a time when I met some students at the Starbucks shop, and when they saw me, they started telling their friends how this agency was so good and how it has helped them to find work/accommodation and I just felt proud that I was part of the Student Works Team.

For me, the biggest factor in being successful as a company, is the organization, but there are also other important factors like marketing and teamwork

Working in the UK

September 29, 2015

I had a great time in the UK, I worked in my professional industry with British people

The company was good to me and I learnt so much, my English also got better and good in the time there

I think this is good for me to get a job in the future back home

Thank you

Program Details

  • Age Requirement Varies
  • Contact Provider for Cost Details
  • England: Bath, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bristol, Cambridge, Liverpool, Manchester, Oxford


    United Kingdom:

  • Fields


    Au Pair





    Human Resources

    International Relations

    Marketing, Advertising, & PR

    Real Estate


    Web Design

  • Year(s) Offered

    Year Round

  • Age Requirement Varies

  • European


  • Contact Provider for Cost Details

  • guaranteed work placement for EU residents
    world wide residents will need a visa and depends on circumstances, money, studies and experience
    UNPAID placements
    accommodation not included but we can arrange for you
    This is an opportunity to do a placement in a professional company in the UK and gain experience for future work and excellent for your c.v.
    Some applicants get offered a paid job during their internship it they are really good

  • Apartment/Flat


    Independent living


  • Language Skills Required


    Experience Required


  • Online Application

    Phone/Video Interview

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