Marketing, Advertising, and PR Internships in Dublin
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Marketing, Advertising, and PR Internships in Dublin

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Internship in Dublin

Stint Ireland was a company I stumbled upon while searching for an option to go abroad and work while in University. I was between Dublin and London, but decided on Dublin because it was somewhere I had never been. I was a Marketing Intern with Extreme Ireland over a nine week period.

Stint set-up the interview and informed me of any documentation necessary before coming over.

My internship was great - I was trusted by the company and got to do loads more than expected. I rewrote parts of the website, coded, worked on press statements, and more. For that, Stint has no faults. I was partnered with the appropriate place for me and took full advantage of it.

My summer spent in Dublin was incredible. I did find it difficult to live in such a full house, in Chicago I had my own apartment. I also found it hard to swallow the cost of the program, housing, flights, and event fees. Traveling abroad is obviously not free, but when you are spending so much on the program and working for free you want to save as much money as possible.

I was later informed of some temporary housing options, which would have been loads more affordable and near work.

I would recommend Stint and the program - 100 percent, but I would seriously save and weigh out all options when planning where to fly out of and where to stay. Thanks to them I am back in Dublin working full-time after University!