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You want to intern in the hip, trendy, historically and culturally rich, modern, diverse, cosmopolitan, innovative, creative city that is Dublin. So the question is, why Stint Ireland?

We’re different. Unlike other companies, we’re based and focused solely on providing experiences here in Ireland. Because of that, we boast the most extensive network of opportunities in Dublin (and it’s constantly growing!). We’re all about Ireland, and you can count on us to show you the latest craze in the food scene or the best pubs in Dublin outside of Temple Bar. We’ll make sure to point you to destinations that are “off the beaten track” in addition to popular attractions.

Additionally, we realize that every one of our participants is unique so we’ve created a process where the focus is on you. We believe the process should be a dialogue where we work with you to identify the best internship opportunity for you. Your experience should be based on your interests and passions.

Once you’re here in Ireland, we’re readily available whether that’s for career advice or travel tips. You’ll have the choice of living with other participants, with an Irish host family or with locals. We will also schedule social events and excursions so you can get to know your fellow participants.

This is your experience, your Stint, crafted with care, and tailored for you.

Program Highlights

1. Realize you’re in Ireland! You might pinch yourself or douse yourself in water but you won’t be waking up because you’ll be living your dream. So go out and explore! Have some bangers and mash. Wash it down with a pint of Guinness. An adventure is down the street and around the corner.

2. Enjoy a valuable work experience in a field of your choice. You’ll be able to do something you love, gain relevant skills, work with other talented individuals, make professional contacts, and boost your career prospects.

3. Work with a dedicated Stint team. We’ll provide support when you need it. But we’re not your mother. Think of us as a big sibling! Go and have some fun!

4. Make friends with amazing people. Irish people are known for being friendly. Go and meet a couple! Stint participants are cool too. We’ll make sure to plan a bunch of socials so you can meet them all. Anyone could become your BFF!

5. Create memories and stories for a lifetime. Your grandchildren will want to hear all about that one time you lived in Ireland for a few months and… well, this story is yours to finish!

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Program Reviews

Most Recent

Great 2 months!

- United States

August 2, 2017

I spent 8 weeks of my summer interning through Stint and I absolutely loved it! I wanted to learn and gain research experience, while having time to travel and sightsee abroad, and Stint provided the opportunity to do all of that! My specific internship was in a chemistry lab and was a great match for me- it will be great on my future resume's, too. I worked through the week and was able to spend each weekend traveling around Ireland. The Stint administration is super helpful and planned several trips for all of the Stinters. My stint house was in a great location (close to the city centre) and was very updated. I'm terrible with directions but I found Dublin very easy to navigate, and the Stint team was always available if we needed help or tips. Overall, my time in Ireland flew by! I'll miss the scenery, the cafe's, and the donuts.

Life changing experience!

March 10, 2017

I came to Stint as part of a plan for a career change and it is the best thing I did! I cannot thank Stint enough for the opportunity and opening my eyes to new possibilities that were not available to me back home.

The organisation was top notch, I was kept fully informed every step of the way and my internship was such an excellent fit for me. The housing is great, very comfortable and convenient. The team at Stint are all friendly and helpful and I will certainly miss Dublin. My 2 months here were amazing and I will go home newly inspired to make positive changes in my life and career. The program fee is a bit on the steep side but the experience has been worth it.

I will remember my time in Dublin (and hope to return soon) as an experience that has changed me for the better and has provided me with invaluable experiences, contacts and knowledge. Thanks to my internship at Extreme Ireland/Irish Day Tours, I have travelled all over the beautiful country of Ireland. I have seen landscapes that have amazed and inspired me. As a writer, Ireland is a country filled with inspiration. I highly recommend Stint Ireland!

Irish adventures

- Malaysia

March 10, 2017

My 10 weeks internship abroad has been nothing short of amazing and eye opening experience. I definitely did not have any regret for rejecting the local internship offer I received back home, a year and a half ago and decided to wait for another year for this internship in Dublin.

After almost a month, Dublin feels more like home to me. The people - from co - workers, bus drivers, shopkeepers to the janitors - everyone is friendly ! Even the cashier at Spar could play around, cracked jokes with me while waiting for me to take out some cash on one of the beautiful days I had here.

I have an amazing supervisor who does not mind to guide me whenever I went clueless. She is somewhat strict but also caring about her employees. My co - workers too, have been helpful.

Oh Stint Ireland Team and the crews (housemates) ? They are a bunch of cool people ! I'd never want to trade them with anyone else.

I'll definitely miss the wonderful time here, the hustle and bustle of Dublin, the scenic Howth and Bray, amazing architecture of Newgrange, the breezy Hill of Tara, magnificent scenery of Killarney and Dingle, the breathtaking scenery at Carrick a - rede - Rope Bridge that is located along the Northern Ireland causeway, the majestic Giant's Causeway, the spectacular Cliffs of Moher, the beautiful town of Tipperary and Cork, and last but never the least, the weird 'not so Irish, not so English, not so European' Belfast. Ireland, tá tú uamhnach ! I'd love to come back to this second home of mine in few years time :)

Great Craic in Dublin (architecture internship)

- France

February 1, 2017

I spent 5 months in Dublin, from September 2016 to January 2017, and the experience was everything that I expected it to be, and more!

My first emails/skype call with the Stint team confirmed that it was the program for me : they were very friendly, understanding and reassuring (I wasn’t particularly afraid of living abroad, but being a non-native English speaker, I wasn’t 100% confident that my English was good enough). They found the perfect work placement for me in an architecture firm, and made sure that I was happy with it before, during and after the internship. My colleagues turned out to be amazing and I learned a lot!

I was a bit anxious about the housing before I left : the rent was REALLY expensive (Dublin being on of the most expensive cities in Europe, rent-wise) and I had never lived with 7 people before. The rent was (and is), indeed, expensive, but : the location couldn’t be much more better (15-20 minutes walk from the city centre) ; a cleaning lady came weekly and everything we needed was provided (fast internet, washing machine/dryer, kitchen utensils…).

A few of my housemates and I still had to face three stressful situations with our housing : somebody broke into our first house and stole a laptop that had been left on the kitchen table ; we had to move house in the middle of my stay because the landlady decided to sell, with a short notice ; we struggled with the heating/hot water for a few weeks in the new house in November (the hot water cylinder was apparently not big enough for 8 people). Even if it wasn’t Stint’s fault, we wished that they solved the heating problem faster, and that they offered us some kind of compensation (it was cold in November) (and again, the rent is very expensive).

Apart from this unfortunate events, I had a wonderful time with my housemates, and this is also what I was expecting with this program : a sens of community/family away from home. The minute you step into your new house, you know you will be surrounded by people that want the same thing as you : explore the city, go out, go on a day tour/weekend trip, talk about your day while cooking dinner, etc.

Stint was very helpful at every step of the way, even though I’m fairly independent/self-sufficient. I really liked going to the Stint office, because the team is lovely, truly concerned about your well-being and passionate about what they do.
Thank you Melanie, Jeffrey, Philip, and especially Seana and Aoife!

Internship in Dublin

- United Kingdom

September 10, 2016

I really enjoyed my time in Dublin with Stint. They were very helpful with finding a placement and placing me in their accommodation. I met some amazing people from around the world whom I intend to keep in touch with! Stint as an organisation was overall very good and reliable, however I do feel that the program is vastly overpriced for what you get; they did not seem open to deducting any money for people coming from within the EU (who do not need immigration documents and such) which I felt was a bit unreasonable as a lot of their clients are students with tight budgets. Apart from this, I do not have any other concerns about the program- they are very friendly and are willing to be there for you if you need help with any part of your internship and the accommodation is very nice as well. I would recommend this program to others.

Unforgettable summer in Dublin

- United States

August 8, 2016

I traveled to Dublin with STINT Ireland and it was the best decision I've ever made. The program coordinators were extremely helpful and friendly and made the process of getting to Ireland very pain free. While in Ireland, there were so many different opportunities to see the city. There is stuff to do for everyone, like Guinness factory tours, pub crawls, art museums, history tours, and plenty of shops to go exploring in. Meeting all the other students in the STINT program as well as the other students at my internship left me with new friendships and great memories that will stay with me forever. Not to mention the landscapes in Ireland are breathtaking and will be very hard to ever forget.

A grand experience

- United States

July 30, 2016

I honestly believe Ireland has shaped a bit of my being, and that a bit of my heart will always find it's home here. There is something magical about being able to find your away around a city like Dublin, full of it's red brick buildings, pubs, and bridges. You can be approached by a tourist in a way that makes you feel like you at least LOOK as though you know what you're doing, and be asked for directions, and be able to almost confidently give them. You learn to walk a certain way, carrying the gait and pace of a Dubliner. When you see a street, you learn to go with the Irish flow, walking as the crowds carry you along all the other workers with mostly musical lilted voices, talking about the weather or the football match. There is a sense of disembodiment, for surely, a place can't have this much character and be real? A city can't be so pretty and full of life in every step. There is nothing more wonderful than listening to the Script as you rush to work in the freezing rain, or being caught in a light downpour which abates to a double rainbow. Or walking back at night from Whelan's in a drizzle, clutching your wool sweater to you. There will be nothing, nothing, like gazing down from the cliffs on the Giant Causeway and feeling the power of the earth beneath you. Or embracing the nerdy spirit and donning a cloak for a Game of Thrones tour. Even sitting by the channel or watching the ducks bumble along in St. Stephen's green is a memory to treasure. I can now say that I've kayaked the Liffey and climbed mountains. I've seen castles and Causeways, waterfalls and rivers, history and the vivacity of life. I have been lucky enough to go to work everyday in an Animation Studio with the kindest most heartwarming people, and be more than a coffee girl. I have gotten to live my animation dream in a country I wish I could exist in everyday until the end of all days. I can honestly say that Ireland is my home, and Dublin is now my city. I have created art in one of the most magical places on this planet, and I count myself so lucky that it can't quite be put to words. But it was good craic, that's for sure! And by golly, it was grand.

Dublin internship

- United States

July 25, 2016

My summer in Dublin has easily been the best summer of my life! The Stint team is amazing at working with you to find an internship placement that is right for you, and then continue to be with you every step of the way during your time here. They plan lots of awesome trips for the weekends that you can (and should, because they're awesome!) attend, and are always readily available if you have any issues. If you're looking to work abroad, Stint is definitely the way to go!

Program Details

  • Contact Provider for Cost Details
  • Unpaid
  • Ireland: Dublin

  • Fields


    Animal Sciences


    Art & Fine Arts


    Chemical Engineering

    Civil Engineering


    Criminal Justice




    Electrical Engineering

    Environmental Management

    Fashion Business

    Fashion Design


    Graphic Design

    Health Sciences


    Human Resources

    Human Rights

    International Relations

    International Trade


    Kinesiology & Exercise Science


    Marketing, Advertising, & PR

    Mechanical Engineering






    Physical Therapy

    Political Science & Politics

    Public Administration & Government

    Social Work



    Sustainable Development


    Theater, Drama, & Dance


    Web Design

    Zoology & Wildlife Sciences

  • Year(s) Offered


  • American






    South African


  • Contact Provider for Cost Details

  • * Professional internship placement
    * Insurance
    * Airport Transfer
    * Local sim card
    * Housing assistance
    * Visa assistance
    * Dublin social nights
    * Access to trips outside Dublin
    * 24-hr emergency contact

  • Unpaid

  • Experience Required


  • Letters of Reference

    Online Application

    Phone/Video Interview



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