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Startup Internship Program (Bali)

Take part in our internship program, which combines education in entrepreneurship with travel in a stunning destination - Bali. This is a one to two-month Startup Internship...

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Working for a startup in a tropical location was the best decision I've ever made

I was skeptical of paying to be placed in an internship but it turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made. Immediately after I arrived in Bali I met with the founder of my startup and began learning about public relations and marketing (exactly what I hoped to be learning since my degree is in PR).

I was given access to free courses and materials to further my knowledge and help out with the startup. I worked in a co-working space where I got to meet inspiring, successful entrepreneurs. Each person is willing to help out and share their expertise, especially as I work on my own business idea. One of the other interns is currently in the process of launching an app. It's been so cool to be part of the process and help him succeed.

One of the best parts about interning for a startup was all of my ideas were taken seriously and implemented. I had full control of the social media accounts and assisting in team marketing efforts. There are also tons of events in the co-working space where I learned new skills and meet new people. Plus, being in Bali I had an array of yoga classes to choose from.

The accommodation is average but it's not something Start Me Up exaggerates on their website. I lived with other interns who are from all over the world, which made the experience even more fun.

This program is life-changing and I want other students to experience this as well!

Program: Startup Internship Program (Bali)