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Study the English Language in Australia with Sprachdirekt

Study the English language in Sydney, Australia, with Sprachdirekt GmbH's partner language school. The city offers a lot of cultural and historical attractions, like the

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Study the English Language in Canada with Sprachdirekt

Learning English whether for going on a holiday or traveling for business – it is a great advantage! Our new language school in Canada (Toronto and Vancouver) offer language...

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Study the French Language in France with Sprachdirekt

Sprachdirekt GmbH language schools in France offer French language courses for all levels. Learning the language at one of the group's schools will certainly be the most

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United States

Study the English Language in US with Sprachdirekt

The United States is one of the most popular destinations to learn the English language. The country provides a wide range of attractions: the vibrant city of New York, the...

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Study the English Language in England with Sprachdirekt

Learn English in the country where the language originated and is spoken every day. Sprachdirekt GmbH has four amazing language school locations to choose from. Students

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Study the English Language in Dublin with Sprachdirekt

Sprachdirekt GmbH international language school in Dublin offers courses for all English proficiency levels. On the first day of the course, students take a written and oral...

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South Africa

Study the English Language in South Africa with Sprachdirekt

Come and learn the English language in the beautiful city of Cape Town in South Africa. The classrooms of the Sprachdirekt GmbH language school offers a fabulous view of

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Study the Spanish Language in Spain with Sprachdirekt

There is no better place to learn Spanish than in Spain, where the language spoken every day. Spain is a fascinating and culture-rich country. Whether it is flamenco, siesta...

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Costa Rica

Study the Spanish Language in Costa Rica with Sprachdirekt

Sprachdirekt GmbH Spanish language course in Costa Rica gives participants the opportunity for an experience of a lifetime. Costa Rica is one of the smallest countries in...

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Study the Spanish Language in Mexico with Sprachdirekt

Mexico is one of the most popular destinations for Spanish language courses in Latin America. Due to the country's geographical situation and its sunny weather with pleasant...

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Study the Italian Language in Italy with Sprachdirekt

They offer you a very tempting idea of spending a holiday in Italy. Go on an Italian language course in Italy and learn Italian, a melodic language in the country where it...

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Study the English Language in Malta with Sprachdirekt

Malta is becoming a very popular destination for studying English abroad. The Mediterranean island is an official English-speaking country and offers a lot of attractions...

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New Zealand

Study the English Language in New Zealand with Sprachdirekt

New Zealand is a perfect destination to study English and enjoy a truly unforgettable experience because of the exceptional landscape and warm climate. Their language school...

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Study the Spanish Language in Argentina with Sprachdirekt

Spanish is the official language of Argentina. Because of this, Buenos Aires is an authentic place where people can study Spanish as a beginner or an advanced student. Sprachdirekt...

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