Marketing & Communication in a Communication Agency, Sevilla
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Marketing & Communication in a Communication Agency, Sevilla

8.0 Overall Rating
8.0 Overall Rating


Spain: Seville

Program Summary

Experience working in the field of Marketing Research through an internship placement offered at a communication agency in Seville, Spain. You will be working with an organization that represents international artists worldwide, creating new concerts, festivals and events in various countries and developing several kinds of communication and marketing projects. You will work with an international team that will help you acquire more knowledge of the cultural industry market and develop your market research skills while enjoying your time.

Main tasks:

- Social Media and Online Marketing Support
- Marketing Research for international market
- Arrange collaborations
- Search for potential collaborators
- Help create articles
- Produce content for forums and websites, and other such promotional activities within the target market
- Support general marketing efforts

Overall Rating

8/ 10

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Save Experience

I sent my CV to Spain Internship who then passed it on to several companies and presented me a lot of options to chose from! They were very helpful in the whole process of finding, applying and finally starting my current work placement and I am very satisfied and thanksful for the great assistance :)

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