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The Most Rewarding 8 Weeks of my Life

- United States

August 1, 2018

This was my first time going abroad without family, or a friend. By going on this trip, and doing the things I did (traveling to different cities, countries, doing new things) I proved to myself that I can be independent. Not only that, but I also learned to adapt; adapt to a new culture, lifestyle, food, mentality. After this experience I feel like I get to take home with me a deeper understanding and appreciation of culture, and widened perspective of the world and culture. This was by far the most worthwhile experience of my life! I would recommend going abroad with SOL to anyone who has a slight interest in learning more about the world.

Cataratas, amor, y Español

- United States

July 23, 2018

Sol is an amazing program. The staff in both the main office in Texas and in Costa Rica are friendly, patient, and helpful. My experience in country was even more amazing. Sol placed me and the people in my session with perfect host families and perfect roommates. I grew so much in my knowledge of Spanish and I got to explore the beautiful country of Costa Rica. I would recommend studying abroad with Sol, and I would study with them again.

Sol Education internship in Costa Rica

- United States

July 16, 2018

My trip to Costa Rica was amazing and I had so many great experiences! While I was there, I participated in an internship instead of taking a class and I worked at a local school to teach English to kids from babies to 12 year olds. This option is a newer part of the Sol Program, but I would highly recommend it for anyone looking to have a different kind of experience abroad and connect with more local people. As an education major, I was really excited to find an opportunity to apply both my Spanish and education majors to my study abroad experience! Not only did my Spanish-speaking abilities improve greatly as I communicated with the kids and other teachers in Spanish but I also connected with a loving group of people and an amazing organization that is doing so much for their community. The school welcomed me with open arms and I already miss all of the people I met there. This experience and many other experiences that were provided through the SOL experience challenged me to step out of my comfort zone, but I learned so much and grew as a person because of this experience. Although I was nervous to spend three weeks abroad, I met some of the kindest people in Costa Rica (both natives and other SOL students) and the memories of my adventures and experiences will last a lifetime.

Pura vida forever

- United States

July 8, 2018

I am so glad I was able to travel to Costa Rica and study with SOL Education Abroad. This was truly one of the greatest experiences of my life and I am so thankful for the SOL team that made it happen. In just a short few months I created amazing experiences and memories, made some unforgettable friendships, and became apart of a wonderful Tico family. Studying with SOL changed my life for the better.

There's no better way to experience life than to travel!

- United States

June 22, 2018

Going abroad with SOL Education Abroad was the best decision I made! They are helpful through the entire process! SOL guides you through pre-departure information, your adventures while in the city, and they even help you with anything you may need once you arrive back home.

Pura Vida is a lifestyle choice!

- United States

June 20, 2018

The directors are wonderful, they help with anything you could possible need! They are tour guides, so they have the knowledge of history and culture. They can recommend all kinds of things to do. My host family cooked a different meal every single day, and it was all delicious! Try everything before deciding you don't like it. Some fruits and veggies taste better here!

Life changing

- United States

June 19, 2018

My experience with SOL is not one I will ever forget. It sounds cliche, but the truth behind this statement will reveal itself to you if you study abroad. I made so many amazing friendships with SOL, and I grew so much as a person. My spanish improved immensely and I now feel confident speaking because of my classes here. The excursions were all breathtaking, amazing experiences. SOL includes culture activities as well, like a dancing class, a Costa Rican cooking class, and a tour of the city of Heredia where you can try a bunch of amazing fruit you have probably never heard off. My personal favorite was the dance class. The best part of the experience was my host family though. They embraced me with so much love, and were so accomodating. I am vegan and not once did I have to eat anything I did not want to. My host family treated me like family and so did everyone at SOL. I would recommend this experience to anyone and everyone. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I did not want to leave Costa Rica.

Such a great learning and exploring experience!

- United States

June 9, 2018

Studying abroad with Sol in Oaxaca was such an amazing experience! It is a full immersion program so even over the course of 4 weeks my Spanish-speaking abilities developed immensely. All of the excursions were so fun, unique, and informative. The directors were so sweet and available all the time. They truly wanted to know who we were, not just make sure we did what we were supposed to. I had a better experience with the teachers at UABJO than I even had at my home university! If you are looking for a unique and awesome study abroad experience I highly recommend going to Oaxaca, Mexico with Sol Education!

Experience of a lifetime

- United States

May 29, 2018

I had an amazing experience with SOL Education Abroad in Costa Rica! The program directors were amazing! They were so helpful and so much fun. I also really loved the university and my host family. All of the excursions and the cultural activities were so much fun, and well planned. Costa Rica is a beautiful country, and I would recommend it to anyone who is considering studying abroad.

Sol is incredible

- United States

May 17, 2018

Sol is amazing. I was able to learn so much Spanish, and gain so many life long friendships. My host family was amazing, and I really felt at home with them. Classes were Monday-Friday from 8-11. Every couple of weeks, we went on an excursion to different places all around Costa Rica. Some incursions were zip lining, going to the beach, going to the rain forest, and white water rafting. Our directors of our program were amazing, and very helpful. There isn't a better place to spend the semester.