SenegalStyle Small Business Incubator & Internship Program!
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SenegalStyle Small Business Incubator & Internship Program!


  • Administrative
  • Art & Fine Arts
  • Business
  • Creative Writing
  • Culinary Arts & Cooking
  • Education
  • Fashion Business
  • Hospitality
  • Interior Design
  • International Relations
  • International Trade
  • Linguistics
  • Marketing, Advertising, & PR
  • Music
  • Religious Work
  • Sales
  • Tourism
  • Web Design

Year(s) Offered

Year Round

Age Requirement


Participation Guidelines

Worldwide Participants.

Cost in USD per week


Program Includes:

►Clean, cool, comfortable, BUG FREE 1 BEDROOM/1 BATHROOM w/shower, hot water, kitchen, FULLY FURNISHED in a calm and tranquil middle class neighborhood. Walking distance to the beach and close to all major transportation. Easily accessible for anywhere you want to go! Budget priced touring and transportation services can be arranged as well.

►Free wifi service is included and intern MUST bring their own laptop and hand held or other internet device for our marketing internships.

►Free airport pickup service

►Weekly laundry service available at a small additional charge...IMPORTANT! lol!

Salary & Compensation

There will be no salaried compensation for the participant HOWEVER items selected for sale and marketed on an online platform by the intern that are sold IS CONSIDERED EARNED INCOME (after product procurement, transportation, packing and shipping expenses are paid). The online platform will be the controlled and maintained by SenegalStyle VOLUNTEERS! in partnership with the intern afterwards.

Experience Required



Qualifications for this internship are basic - do you want to continue looking for a job or do you want the opportunity to make your own job? SenegalStyle is a business incubator for small businesses and if you are highly motivated, can read, write and do basic math, have an outgoing personality, can go with the flow, can watch, listen and apply what you learn from others, then this is the place for you!

If you are an older person whose been made redundant (laid off or let go) and have previous business or hospitality/tourism experience, this would be a great place to get yourself back to work!

Students interested in learning how to run a company - instead of merely working for one, are what we are looking for.

Senegal is pretty relaxed with regard to governmental regulations (as long as you are not harming the environment or hurting others, which we don't) and Dakar, the capital city, particularly is an excellent place to not only learn how to do business on an international scale, our internship program will allow the participant to fine tune their business plan and put it into place, produce a product using local labor, set up their own company, hire and fire their employees and get real world experience, rather than theory, on what it takes to run a company in this new economic world order.

Getting a job is not so easy any more - we need to shift our focus to 'Making a Job' and this is the type of internship SenegalStyle is. As my son says, 'Don't talk about it, Be about it!'

Students who would be best suited for program would have interests in:

- Business
- Fashion
- Languages
- International Relations
- Travel/Hospitality/Tourism
- Education as a Business
- Computer Assisted Long Distance Learning
- Recycling and Environmental Science

just to name a few!

Other qualifications:

* EASY TO GET ALONG WITH & have a BIG SMILE! We are drama free here so be open minded and flexible and you will have the best time of your life!

* Minimum High School or BAC diploma; Trades/Vocational school or some type of specially training (like massage for example) is fine!

* Computer literate

* Ability to FOLLOW DIRECTIONS and comprehend written instructions (in English)

These are the ACTIVITIES YOU CAN PARTICIPATE IN both inside and outside of the city of Dakar. Some have fees and some do not but you will be expected to pay for your own transportation and any outside activities that you choose to do.

You WILL HAVE LOTS OF FUN... That I can guarantee!

While you are here, naturally you will want to explore the city and surrounding area and we can help you with transportation, guides and insider tips to make getting around much easier!

* Parks & Zoos
* Beaches within WALKING DISTANCE of your apartment
* Quad rentals on the Beach or in the Sahara Desert outside of Dakar
* Camel rides
* Interesting places for great InstaGram photos!
* Zip lining and Parcourse *Baobab Forest
* Turtle Conservation Parks
* Salt mining
* Art Museums

* Mosques & Churches - there are MANY Christian & Catholic churches here:
16 Methodist churches for example, at least 100 Catholic churches as well as
7th Day Adventists, Jehovah's Witness congregations, Lutherans & Protestants
* Missionary societies and schools connected to the churches listed above

* Shopping Malls (2)
* GREAT FOOD and excessive amounts of ice cream, gelato & other deserts!
* Art Festivals
* Concerts
* Jewelry Making

* Hair Weave & braiding for EVERY HAIR TEXTURE & COLOR out the Wazoo if that's your thing! lol!

* Fencing
* Horseback & Equestrian riding and/or lessons
* African Drumming or Dance
* Paleontology (there is a carbon-14 dating unit at the University of Dakar
* Exotic Wildlife & Beautiful Birds
* Local Liquors
* Organic Farmers Market & other monthly events
* Historical Architecture *Goree Island
* GREAT Surfing & Learn from THE BEST! There are Surfing Schools EVERYWHERE!

* Body Boarding, Para Sailing, Jet Skis, every water sport you have where you are, we have HERE IN SENEGAL!

* Horse Riding for Women & Men, Boys & Girls, along with Racing & Sports Betting at the Track
* Women's Basketball (the BEST!)
* Men's Basketball (the WORST! LOL!)
* African Dance
* African Drumming

* Bowling alley and it's GORGEOUS with a game room for children and a gambling casino!

* Gambling casinos (4 or 5 all over town)
* Game rooms & Video Game Stations for kids
* Skateboarding & Rollerblade Park
* Motorcycle, Motorscooters & Bicycle races
* Big Game Fishing (and fishing off a pier!)
* Sightseeing and Tours
* Dancing, Bars & Restaurants - the NIGHTLIFE is FIERCE here in Dakar!
* Running, jogging and outside physical exercise individually or in groups

Application Procedures

  • Online Application
  • Resume